January 16, 2013

A guest post from the sisters!

Natalie and Aubrey have always been total mom and dad kids, as in they want to do whatever mom and dad are doing. This is great but also can be so annoying. I could give away all of the girls toys and they could care less. They love cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, folding clothes which I know sounds great but the problem is that at this age I have to redo everything they help with. And I just have the feeling that as soon as they are old enough to really help out they won't want to. 

The one thing they love are their brothers and sisters (& sometimes Drew!). They want to hold them, burp them, feed them and anything else a mommy does. The problem with this is they are only four and they forget they cannot throw the real babies around like they can their dollies. We have limits of what the girls can and cannot do with the babies and they will try and stretch those to the max but the one thing we do know is that they love their four babies. Only once or twice have we gotten the "I wish you only had one baby" comment and this was because of two reasons; 1)I wouldn't have to pump if we only had one baby and 2)we could go do more things if a baby was all that we had to pack up. I really don't blame them and am amazed how well they adjusted to so many babies being added and the changes that took place over the last year. 

I thought it would be fun to get the low down from 2 four year olds on being the oldest of seven kids:

What is the best thing about being a twin?
N: We get sisters.
A: The best thing about being a twin is we are pretty. Boys are not very nice and girls are.

Do you like having Drew as a brother?
N: Yes, because he sleeps with me and he plays with me when I want him to. He's a good brother like that.
A: Yes, because if I didn't have a brother I wouldn't be happy because I wouldn't have a brother.

Do a lot of your friends have more than one baby at a time?
N: No
A: No

Do you wish your mommy would have only had one baby instead of four and why?
N: Yes, because one baby is easier for mommy and other kids don't have to help anymore.
A: Yes, because if you have four babies it takes a lot of care for them.

What's the best thing about having so many brothers and sisters?
N: They love me really much.
A: They are good and because I am happy with them and when I talk to them they smile and laugh. I think about Natalie & Drew in my dreams because Natalie isn't very nice but Drew is. I like to play out in the garage and have popcorn with them.

What's the worst thing about having so many brothers and sisters?
N: They kind of throw fits which make me sad.
A: We yell at each other and we don't do nice things to each other like fight and hit each other.

If your mommy and daddy could do one thing with you what would you want to do?
N: Go to Disneyland.
A: Art projects with mommy and daddy at Deborah's place.

Who's the boss in your family?
N: Mommy and daddy, is that right? Well maybe mostly daddy.
A: Daddy & Mommy. Daddy is the boss more, is he?
D: You mom

Should your mommy have any more babies?
N: Yes, because I love babies really much and they are so fun to play with. She should have 100 more.
A: Nooooo. Because they are too hard.

Who makes more noise; the babies or Natalie, Aubery & Drew?
N: The babies.
A: The babies.

How old are you?
D: Me 2

How many brothers do you have?
D: Me 2

How many sisters do you have?
D: 2 sisters mum

How old is your mom?
D: You 2 mum

Do you love your mom and dad?
D: Yup 

 So there you have it from a four year old perspective on living in a house with seven kids! (& a couple questions answered from a very smart 2 year old!!)

Aubrey has always had an interest in taking pictures. She is not allowed to take pictures with mom and dad's camera because point blank it is just way to expensive of a camera for her hands to touch. So she has taken over the cameras on our cell phones. It is always interesting to see what she finds picture worthy and at times I have literally had to turn the phone in multiple angles to figure out what exactly she took a picture of! So for Christmas Paul and I toyed with the idea of buying her an adult camera but then threw the idea aside until Paul called me one day from Office Depot and asked if I still wanted to get her a camera. He found the deal of the century. A $140 Kodak camera marked down to $39. SCORE!! She loves her camera and so do her brother and sister. I love sitting down in the evenings to see what they took pictures of and better yet are the videos. They are hilarious and at times better than what Paul and I capture on video. So now she has her own folder on the computer where her pictures go. She has pictures of people, of toys, of blurry objects I can't decipher and pictures of pictures. I will keep these so she can go through them some day and laugh like Paul and I do. But some of them are really fun and so the pictures below are captured by either Aubrey or Natalie!
We need to work on applying make-up but at least she picked a color to go with her jammies.


Yes Tate is in a pink towel. Colors don't matter around here. You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!!

Grandma & Grandpa Parsoneault

Drew Bear (Side story: the other day Aubrey was telling Drew that her name is Aubrey Nicole. She was saying it slowly so he could repeat it. She than told him his name was Drew Bear. Paul and I just looked at each other and laughed because she doesn't realize that his name is really Drew David because we never call him that! We didn't correct her either.)

Christmas gifts being played with.

Action shots!

Oh boy we are in trouble if this continues

The eyes crack me up.

Think of the make-up we will go through some day with four teenage girls. I shudder just thinking about it.

Meal time....

for all kids.



Peek a boo Tate

Tired mommy

Love this kid


Mesmerized by lights

A stole away

This is Kenzie but could easily be mistaken for a doll in this picture.

If paper is not available in this house apparently it is okay to color on your face

Daddy and his peanut

Cheesy daddy #1...



Intermission from cheesy dad....

Finally a decent shot.

Mommy and her boys

A day at a friends house, camera will travel.

Heart breaker

A new trick...

Natalie Ann



  1. I literally laughed out loud at some of their answers, too funny! I love what comes out of the mouths of little ones. Love all the pics, you look fab and all the kiddos are adorable!!

  2. So cute! What a great idea to interview the big kids. Their answers are really priceless especially how one wants more babies and the other says NOOOOOOOO! I spy that Medela in one if your pictures. I do not miss that monster! Props to you for keeping that up. PS- I found Baby Legs on clearance and am about to make a big order! Made me think of you =)

  3. The 'Drew Bear' comment is hilarious! I loved all of it.


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