August 30, 2012

21 Days....How can that be so??? (& care calendar)

My babies are three weeks old . The time is passing so quickly but at the same time seems it will never end. We have fallen into a new normal at our home since the kids were transferred closer to home and it is working wonderfully for mom and dad and the older kids. The babies haven't complained too much so it must be working for them too! I head down to the hospital each morning around ten so that I can get in a pump session before the kids start their second round of feeds for the day. I then start with the long round of bottle feeds. The kids get two bottle feeds each day and I think the boys will be quickly moving to every third feed being a bottle feed because they most often finish or come very close to finishing each bottle. Rylan starts the round then it's Tate, Isabella and then finishing off the quartet is Kenzie. Each kiddo gets up to thirty minutes to take their bottles. Everyone except Kenzie has finished complete bottles. I am very proud to say that the kids have yet to get anything but breast milk! This is something that I am personally so happy about. It also tells you how much of my free time is spent connected to a machine. Paul and the older kids come up around 11 and spend an hour or so visiting their babies. Then it's home for them for lunch. I follow around one and then have actually been laying down for a nap with the kids. Today I slept for two and a half hours and I feel amazing! The evening is family time and then I head up to the hospital for their eight o'clock feeding which consist of four more bottles. Last night daddy came up with me so he could spend some quality time instead of chasing after the older kiddos. Love aunties that come over to do the bedtime routine so mom and dad can get out together!
We feed the kids in a side lying position

Smiling Rylan

Tate trying to wake up for his feed


The girls and Tate
The quads are doing so well this week. The only set back we had is Tuesday Tate was really cold at his 11:00 feed and was not a acting like himself. I told the dr that I was concerned because he usually wakes up a half an hour early for his feed and for that feed he slept through the whole thing. He just wasn't my Tate. We ran a sepsis workup and everything came back normal but then yesterday his urine came back with some bacteria in it. They reran everything to make sure it is correct but in the meantime he was started on antibiotics to make sure he doesn't get worse. So the poor little boy had to get another iv in. We were doing so well so hopefully this won't be too big of a set back. My little men have caused their momma some stress during their nicu stay. The other kids continue to learn to eat, grow, and show us their love by having their a&b's. They really need to learn that mom and dad do not like these!
Isabella telling us what she thinks of her bottle feeds

Kenzie who is .4oz from 3lbs!

Kenzie stretching

A smile caught on Kenzie

Kenzie all snuggled up after eating
We have had so many people ask when they can bring a meal and/or help make life just easier for us. Now that Paul's parents are gone we would appreciate a little extra help. We have decided the easiest way to do this is by using the website We will be posting meal request and some very light housekeeping/laundry at this time. If you want to help but the days don't work for you we are more than happy to switch the days around to accommodate you!! When you get to the website it will ask you for an id and code, below are the numbers you will need:

ID: 118783
Security Code: 3823

We want to thank everyone for all their generosity, support and of course the numerous prayers that have been said for our children and for Paul and I. We are so glad that God choose us to take this journey and we are so happy to share it with so many of you.

August 27, 2012

Monday, August 27

Wow, I can not believe we are almost at the end of August. I find myself getting more and more anxious that September is coming and we are not even close to bringing anyone home. I want it to happen like yesterday! The worst part of my day is each night when I go to bed and have to set my alarm to pump. Each night I have to change to another day and for some reason I hate knowing that my babies are getting older and that someone else is taking care of them at night. I HATE the nicu journey. I know the kids are not even three weeks and were only 31 weekers but I want my babies home. 

Okay moving on from my soap box!!! The kids really are doing fabulous. They all continue to gain weight. Tate is hitting the scales at 4lbs10oz which is a whole pound heavier than Isabella and Rylan who are very close in size. They are so close to being able to wean to an open crib. I do think Tate may get just a little extra loving because he is so accessible in his open crib. Kenzie is also gaining weight but remains the peanut at 2lbs10oz but she doesn't let her size slow her down.
Aubrey and Rylan

Rylan saying hi
The whole family went to visit and the babies are going to be very use to the noise level of our house well before they get home. The girls love their siblings and want to be holding someone at all times. They also would love if they could feed and change them but we are leaving those tasks to mom and dad at this time. Drew is content to sit in the oversize rocker and play on the ipad. During our time there today I got to bottle feed everyone and then also nurse Tate. Rylan gets the award for being the first one to finish his bottle. You did awesome and mommy and daddy were so proud of you. Tate you didn't quite finish your bottle but you did take the same amount as Rylan. You get an extra 7ml per each feed and that is what you did not finish so it went in via your tube. Isabella you still have no clue what to do with a bottle in your mouth so you got a big fat zero with your bottle feed. It's time for that light bulb to click on Isabella! And Kenzie you start out so well on your bottle but tire very easily. You did take 10ml which is about half of your feed. 
Drew content with his ipad

Tate during his bottle feed
We left early today. Dad came home to get the older kids down for nap so he could get some work done. Mom stayed awhile longer but then headed home and actually laid down for thirty minutes and it felt so good. We then took Natalie and Aubrey to their last gymnastics class for awhile. With the babies coming home sometime this next month we have to try and keep as many of the germ bugs out of our house as possible. So no extra activities for the older kids until after RSV season is done in April. The girls understand why they can't get the babies sick so they had no complaints being done with gymnastics. They have been so amazing during all of this and I am so proud of them for being the kids that they are.

August 25, 2012

Saturday, August 25: Family bath day

A very uneventful day except for Isabella and Rylan throwing in some heart rate drops. The day was dedicated to getting four little babes bathed and smelling just like a baby should. Now for picture overload...enjoy!
The Lesnau Quads all together!

Tate's big news of the day is that he moved to an open crib!!

"Mom, was this really necessary?"

100% brothers


Every kiddo yawned when they got in the bath


(Sorry Rylan daddy left by the time you got your bath and mom couldn't be photographer and bather at the same time!) 


August 24, 2012

Friday, August 24: Babies reunited & grandparents leave

This morning was a very busy morning because I had to first stop and drop off milk for Kenzie and Tate and give them a quick kiss. Then stopped by Starbucks for a passion fruit ice tea and a maple scone. Then I had to get downtown before ten to bring milk for Isabella and Rylan and get some cuddle time. Rylan you took 5ml from your bottle but enjoyed your skin to skin time much more. It was then Isabella's time to show us what she could do with the bottle and you did the exact same as your brother. You were so wide awake and I loved just talking with you. We then got word that there was room to move you both to the inn that your brother and sister were at. I think I was literally jumping out of my seat with excitement! You both came in the same ambulance and I was told that you kept kicking at each other during the ride.
Love seeing them together! (Isabella & Rylan)
It is so awesome to have you all back together even though you were separated for only 24 hours. The next time you leave the hospital it will be in your car seat heading for home. It's now time to get to work on that part!  Tate you took 10ml for  your nurse today from your bottle and then for me you nursed for about 10 minutes. You start off nursing just like your sister Natalie did. You cry very loudly at the beginning and turn all red and then decide that what I'm giving you is what you want! Kenzie you followed Rylan and Isabella and took 5ml of your bottle.

Today was the day that Grandma Lynn had to leave. She has been with us since the middle of June and we could not have made it as far into the pregnancy if she would not have put a whole summer on hold for us. It has been so amazing to be able to concentrate on my littlest loves during the last two weeks because I knew grandpa and grandma were taking excellent care of Natalie, Aubrey and Drew. Grandma Lynn thank you for everything you did for us this summer. Words can not express how much we appreciate everything you did. All nine of us love you a ton!! Natalie and Aubrey cried half way home because they were so distraught that you were going back to MN.
Grandma Lynn
Grandpa Rich

Grandpa & Kenzie
Before catching their plane grandpa and grandma came to love on Kenzie and Tate. Isabella and Rylan had not arrived yet so they will get some extra loving next time they visit which I have a feeling will be as soon as you kids arrive home! After the airport Daddy brought the kids back to the hospital and Natalie and Aubrey could not get enough of the babies. They are still very confused at who is who. Rylan they keep thinking you are a girl and they can not remember Kenzie's name to save their life but they do know that you were Baby A and so that is what they keep calling you. Drew came right in and sat in a chair and put a boppy around him. He was ready to hold his mini me. It lasted about seven seconds and he was saying off but he did give you a kiss on the nose before pushing you away from him.

We will be visiting much more often with the whole family so you will be getting use to our busy life very quickly. See you in the morning. Hoping to give you some baths tomorrow because it's been two weeks since you have been scrubbed and it is time! Love you all...

August 23, 2012

Thursday, August 23: Two weeks old

It is amazing how I can fall in love with you more and more each day. You are becoming little people right in front of our eyes. We catch your eyes open more and all of you love to look around. Sometimes you are so busy looking at the world around you that you can't focus at the task at like nursing or bottle feeding! We also catch the most adorable little smiles and they just melt our hearts. Daddy and I often look at you and wonder which two of you were non-viable according to the fertility clinic? We are so glad we put all of you back because I just can't imagine not having all of you.

So yesterday morning we found out that we would after all be able to transfer you to the hospital mommy works at and that is so much closer to home. At first we thought that only one of you would go first because of space issues but then yesterday afternoon we found out that Kenzie and Tate would be able to go today. I was beyond excited that at least two of you would be together at both hospitals because I don't want any of you alone. So today Kenzie made the adventure first because she likes to try everything before everyone else! She had her first ambulance ride but no lights or sirens for the peanut. I was told she did not like the sun and squinted her eyes together as tight as possible. After Kenzie got checked into her new home it was Tate's turn. He apparently did not like the bumpy interstate so we will see what he thinks of his vibrating bouncy chair once we get home. We were thinking it may take a couple of days to get the other two here but it sounds like it could be happening in the next day or two. I couldn't be happier. It was a little more emotional than I thought it would be leaving two of my kids at one hospital to go visit my other two at a different one. The tears do tend to flow a lot easier these days than they ever have before! We have loved the care we have received at Memorial and will miss some of our favorite nurses. Hopefully we will be able to visit them once we are all home and not quarantined during the winter for RSV season.

Kenzie getting ready to transfer

Kenzie's first mode of transportation. She apparently likes all the bells and whistles!

Tate getting taken to his ride
Tate getting all buckled in
Kenzie: you still have your moments that you let people know when you want things done another way but you are also the one that loves to snuggle. It is so fun to do skin to skin with you because you curl up in a little froggy position and rest right on mommy. You now get 25ml of breast milk at each feed. We are attempting one to two bottle feeds per day and nursing too. You have officially gone over your birth weight and are at 2lbs8oz.
Kenzie in her new home

Isabella: you are a very calm child. Not much bothers you. You have done fairly well on your bottle attempts but could care less about nursing. You love to smile and are always giving them out. You look like your big sister Aubrey. You are taking 35ml of breast milk with each feed. Your a&b's have improved but you usually like to have at least one a day for excitement. Can't wait to get you back with Kenzie and Tate. 

Tate: you continue to be the biggest at 4lbs4oz. It is amazing how much you look like your brother Drew. You have the blondest eyebrows. You get 42ml with each feed. You took 15ml from your bottle today. I wouldn't be surprised if you are the first baby home. You are also very calm except when it is time to eat or get your diaper changed. You do not like to be naked. You are one of the more sleepy babies. 
Mini Drew (Tate)

A tired little boy
Rylan: it is amazing how quickly you have caught up with your siblings. About three days ago you really started looking even better. Your skin coloring has improved so much and you no longer look worn out. You have periods of being very awake. You get 34ml for each feeding and you are still working on getting your calories up to 24cal/oz. Your retractions with activity also really improved about two days ago. We now just need you to start putting weight on. 
Rylan doing his many stretches throughout the day
 You have all started physical therapy and so far nothing is setting off red flags and we hope that continues. You are also all being treated with an antibiotic ointment that is swabbed into your nares to hopefully decolonize your MRSA since now you all have it after Rylan tested positive for it today too. You will be getting that for the next seven days. 

I love you my sweet children. I can't believe you came into our life 2 weeks ago today. The time is flying. I am going to say hurry up and grow and get bigger so you can come home but then please slow down and be my babies as long as possible. I know I will miss this stage so much once it's over. I will try and remember that when I am sleep deprived and all four of you are screaming at once and your older brother and sisters are acting out!!
A very proud mommy and Kenzie

A good night kiss for all seven of my babies

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