December 18, 2012

The important things in life.

So this year I was not going to put a tree up. I had told Paul probably way back  in the summer that there was no way that it was going to happen. Between going to get a tree, the work to set it up, finding the room to even set it up amongst the baby paraphernalia that takes up our entire living room, then trying to keep three big kids from breaking touching the ornaments and the ever lasting clean up of pine needles. It just was not a priority. I have had our mantle and other Christmas decorations up for a while and the girls have a tree in their room with all of their ornaments and Drew's tree has his couple ornaments from his previous Christmas' and his tree also includes many ornaments from my childhood. I have some really interesting ones since my parents owned a nursery and each year we got to pick out new ornaments for our tree. I apparently had a thing for cats! So we were set. All the gifts were taking up room in our master closet and I hadn't figured out where the gifts were going to go on Christmas but I would deal with that on December 24th.

And then last Friday happened. I have never been so shaken by news before. When 9/11 happened it was shocking to me and I was mesmerized by the television and saddened for all the lives lost but it did not have the same affect that this tragedy has had on me. I can not even imagine those poor parents. I still get choked up thinking about sending my kids off to school in the morning and for them to never return home. One of the children that died was a twin. His sister survived and this has torn me up. I can not imagine Natalie and Aubrey without each other. The are sisters but more importantly they are twins. There is a special bond between them that they could never have with another person. The loss of these 26 lives has reaffirmed what is really important in life. So Friday afternoon with a tear streaked face I turned to Paul and said that we WERE having a Christmas tree. Those parents would give anything to have a cluttered living room, broken ornaments, and pine needles in bedrooms til May because that would mean their Kindergartner was at home celebrating the birth of Jesus. On Sunday the big kids and I found the perfect Christmas tree in the very back corner of a lot. There was no time this year to go cut a tree but that's okay the kids will not remember the year that we went to a mall parking lot to get a tree. The lights were strung Monday afternoon and the kids sat watching me telling me how pretty it was and "helping" me get the lights just right. After they went to bed Paul and I decorated it and it was perfect. We then stayed up til midnight wrapping all the presents so that when the kids woke up this morning they could go through all the gifts trying to find ones with their names on it. The girls did come and tell me that there were a couple with weird names on it and I having a feeling those are ones that say Mom and Dad!!

Today our house feels a little more Christmasy and it is perfect. And tonight when I tuck the kids into bed I will thank the heavenly Father that I got to spend another day with my children here on earth. Celebrating Christmas with children has to be one of the most awesome joys in life. They believe in the magic that so many of us lose as we grow up and its fun to get it back for a short while during the holiday season.

It took all of 5 minutes for the kids to rearrange all the gifts!

Need a bigger mantle!! No room for nine stockings...time to move!


  1. Very pretty Krista!! The memories are so worth the hassle, indeed.

  2. This one hit me hard too. I thought of my own babies and the school where I work and felt safe. The little hassles are worth it because nothing is guaranteed. Glad you decided to do a tree, it is lovely!


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