December 29, 2012

Our solo morning routine

I haven't figured out what time of the day is the busiest for us; it's either 8:00 in the morning when we have seven kids that are all hungry at the same time or between the hours of 5 & 7 in the evening when seven kids again need to be fed, bathed and put to bed and the babies are having what we call the "bewitching" hour. This bewitching hour is not the same as happy hour by any means. The other morning I decided to capture how we do the morning routine if Paul or I are alone. It does not show the three older kids routine so just know that they do get fed, teeth brushed, hair done and clothes on somewhere in between the following.
When the babies wake in the morning they were ready to eat five minutes ago. They are now sleeping from 8pm-7am and so this equals four screaming babies in the morning.

If Paul and I are both home then he will change all of their diapers while I pump and then we both feed two babies but if we are solo than we use the bottle props and feed them in their room.
We have been doing it this way since the beginning of December and it has been working great. We feed the babies (we never leave the room and they are always supervised) using these cheap bottle propers from except for Tate who's bottle does not fit. By using their night time blankets and tipping the props upside down they work great. We can also work with the babies on putting their hands on the bottle in the hope that sooner rather than later they will be able to hold their own bottle. They had been sleeping in rock n' plays so it was easy to just prop the bottle and go but we have transitioned them out of the rock n' plays and they are now sleeping in their cribs like big boys and girls. We still keep the rock n' plays in their room so we just have to set them up and we are off.
While the babies eat we, or Aubrey, will pick out their clothes for the day and have them all ready on the changing table. They do get dressed every day even if we don't go any where. They then get jammies on after their bath in the evening. As each kiddo finishes their bottle they get burped and put down on the play mat for some play time.
The last one to finish their bottle is the first to get their diaper changed and dressed.
The others wait patiently for their turn. Usually a sibling or two will come and play with during this time.
Natalie, Aubrey and Drew love their brothers and sisters and are almost always wanting to play with them.
Aubrey has recently started helping get them naked for me which helps speed up the production line. After they are dressed they get some more play time. The ceiling fan is the most amusing thing in their room right now.
We have learned to never take Tate's bib off before its his turn to get dressed and as soon as his shirt gets put on a new bib is placed.
After everyone is dressed this is what we are left with; a pile of dirty laundry that will get washed that night, four empty bottles and four wet diapers. We have a diaper genie in their room but have learned to just walk them to the garage where we keep a grocery bag and then take it to the trash once its full. We would be emptying out the diaper genie daily.
It is then tummy time (which they are NOT big fans of) or they are moved out to the living room for some sort of contraption time.

So that is our solo morning routine. My favorite time of the day, besides bedtime, is after lunch has been served. Everyone is then ready for the day. Bottles are usually made. I don't have to prepare another meal for a couple of hours and we can just play.

And now you just get some cute pictures to view!
We are now getting giggles along with the smiles and they found mommy very funny or they were laughing at me because they were suppose to be napping and I gave in for some play time!

Almost time for some sort of haircut Mr. Rylan

Natalie & Rylan

And Isabella's hair is just plain wild!! This is how it is in the mornings after she goes to bed with wet hair and I don't think she is a fun of me showing it to the world.

Dr. Drew trying to figure out why we have a fussy Izzie. Diagnoses: bewitching hour.


  1. Would love to see the bigger kids at the age the babies are now. Natalie & Rylan favor each other, Aubrey & Kenzie look alike, and Drew looks just like his Daddy! Have a great 2013, and thank you for sharing your journey!
    Mary from Boston

  2. You are so scheduled! Especially with dressing them even if you don't go anywhere! When do you manage to get dressed? I know I have a hard time finding time. Do you really pump for all 4? That is incredible!! Do they all have a crib too? What is a rock n play? Also so glad for you that they all sleep that long! My twins didn't sleep that long until about 18 months.


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