December 11, 2012

Newborn Photo Shoot (A totally out of sequence post!)

(This post is only two months late but it was because I wanted to get my birth announcements out before posting the pictures and between having four newborns at home and issues with actually getting the announcements printed it has taken this long. Well better late than never sounds good to me!)

One of my favorite ways to officiate that our babies are home is to have a photograper come to our house to capture the littleness and perfection of our new babies. With both the girls and Drew we had someone photograph them at about 10 days old. The quads were eight weeks when we had their newborn pictures taken but they still acted like a brand new baby. We had contacted a friend of ours, Michelle, months ago about taking the quads newborn pictures but we knew one photographer would not be enough with four babies. There's lots of posing that needs to be done with four babies so she contacted her friend and fellow photographer. Michelle and Jessica had months to search the wonderful world of pinterest for ideas on what to do with four babies! We still did not have a family picture with all nine of us so Michelle met us at one of our outdoor malls to accomplish this task. We took these pictures on October 1. It was officially fall and should have been starting to cool off here in California but not that day. The car was showing 101* and we were all dressed in long sleeves! It was hot but the babies did pass out nicely because they were all nice and warm! It was a good thing that Michelle is as amazing as she is because we were done in about 15 minutes and back in the car. There was no fooling around and thank goodness it was mid afternoon and not crazy busy. I only had one person stop us. That is a huge success people!! I did laugh because the person that did stop shared with me how her friend just had twins and hated how people would always stop and ask if her kids were twins. Really lady and what are you doing right now? She just kept standing there even though the babies were covered. I finally looked at her and said well have a good day. She finally figured it out and moved on!!

After the family photos were done it was time to head home. Of course it was feeding time so we stripped the babies and got the babies nice and full. Now should have been the time that my newborns should have fell asleep but umm no we were awake and ready to party. Kenzie and Isabella did decide to give in about an hour and a half into picture taking but Tate and Rylan wanted to be up for the entire session. So for any of the pictures were it looks like the boys are sleeping it was either done by pulling a pacifier out real quick or Michelle and Jessica would take pictures one after another to get them to blink with all the flashes! Boys will be boys!!!

We can not thank Michelle Ravencroft Photography and Jessica Bowers Photography enough for capturing our little miracles. These pictures are ones that we will cherish forever. Michelle has been so gracious that if any of our blog readers book a session with her for 2013 and mentions the Lesnau quads she will give you 20% off a sitting fee. 

Pictures are moments in time that will always stand still and capture the love people have for one another...when was the last time you had pictures taken and everyone, including mom, where in the pictures?

Our four amazing lucky are we?!?


  1. Love, Love Love this! We are on the same time frame in terms of photo sessions! They are adorable!

  2. Nice pictures except for the naked ones. Those poor babies must have been cold and to put them through all those poses is cruel.

    1. Thank you for being concerned but I just wanted to let you know that it was 101 degrees as I had stated. They were probably more comfortable than anyone else.

  3. I always think it is SO hilarious when someone has to give their opinions when they are less than nice...especially since they have no idea of the circumstances! Hopefully they wee kidding. I highly doubt they'd look so peaceful in the naked pictures if they had been cold! I am the nice anonymous! I just really enjoy all you share about your very unique family. You guys are GREAT parents to some very lucky and beautiful children.

  4. What beautiful pictures! It makes me regret that I did not do newborn photos for my now-toddler. I think you have inspired me to do them with the next one! Love the ones where the sisters are spooning. So sweet.

  5. These pictures are absolutely beautiful! They do capture the love in your family. I just love the ones with babies all lined up and the one with them all nestled together.


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