December 04, 2012

HO HO HO....

Friday afternoon our photographer that attended the quads birth texted me to see if I could come do Santa pictures that afternoon. Every year she sets up a beautiful display that beats any mall set up out there and the best thing is you actually get good quality pictures that you can really treasure forever. I told her we would try because at the time she texted me it was down pouring and and the trees were pretty much bending in half but I am so glad we went because we got some amazing pictures. There was no standing in line, little concern that we would pick up some nasty bug and Monica had the real Santa, no pretend fill ins!! We did have quite a few onlookers while we were taking the pictures but I was very distracted trying to get seven little ones all lined up and not falling over. Luckily Santa could take care of himself! 

So Monica thank you so much for capturing the quads first time seeing Santa. I can just imagine the images we will capture next year with four 18 month olds. I have a feeling it will be an all out scream fest!!

The girls giving their list to Santa. I am so tired of making list already. Those dang Christmas catalogs need to stop coming in the mail.

They believe!!

Don't think Santa signed up for this.

Love this picture. Life just doesn't get any sweeter.

Watch in January for a special Monica from Studio KYK will be offering through the blog


  1. Oh I just love the last Santa picture. How amazing. :)

  2. Those are the best Santa photos ever!! What a great idea, going to a studio and having a private time with Santa. You could tell the older kids had so much fun, and Santa really enjoyed his job too. Great photos. I hope you get to do that every year (with the same Santa of course)
    Mary from Boston

  3. WOW- what a great Santa! All your littles are just as great too!

  4. I love love love this......

    a cant wait to see 18 months too!
    Thanks for braving the weather! you and Paul are ROCKSTARS with a :)

    ~ Monica
    Studio KYK Photography

  5. This is so cool! We are going to have to forego meeting Santa this year due to lockdown, but I would totally do it if I had a chance like you did!


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