December 03, 2012

Activity Time

Life has been busy since the babies have come home from the hospital but we have stepped up to an all new level the past couple of weeks. Before the babies pretty much ate every three hours and then would fall right to sleep so we had about 2 hours 15 minutes to get things done around here. So after each feeding I would pump and then either do laundry, prepare bottles, play with the older kids, feed the rest of our family or/and anything else that needed to get done. Now we have babies who are much more alert and want to be entertained and played with after they eat. This is the stage when the babies get fun. We are getting their first smiles and we even got a giggle out of Tate last night. So now after a feed we keep them up for up to an hour either playing on the floor with us, having tummy time, hanging out under their activity mats or any kicking at their kick toy. And let me say this hour can drive a person bonkers because everything lights up and plays music. It sometimes sounds like an all out carnival around here. So now that the babies are spending more time throughout the day being awake it means less time for mom to get things done around the house. Sometimes I am not even finding my way to the shower before the older kids nap and that is just not acceptable for this mom. And then someone decided to throw in some holidays and having older kids means we don't get to skip on the festivities of those. I did get my way though and we are only having trees in each of the kids rooms. We just don't have room in our living room among the baby throw-up (aka all their toys, bouncy chairs, swings, pack n plays, etc...).
"Okay so at 2 lets scream our heads off really loud so we wake mom and dad up to let them know we are here."

Sometimes we are not the happiest during play time

This is the one toy all of our kids have loved and I am so excited to get rid of it after the quads are done because the tune drives us crazzzzy!!
 This is also the dreaded week that I have to return to work. For about the last month my anxiety level has gone up knowing that I have to return to work. I love my job as a nurse and other than being a barista at a coffee house there is nothing I would rather do it's just that I wish I didn't have to go back but I don't have that choice right now. I know many mom's say they are better mom's because they work but I am fine with getting out of the house for four hours once a week. I enjoy being home with my kids and really don't like being gone 13 hours a couple times a week. I am not worried about leaving the kids with their dad because I know he will do a fabulous job. I am more worried about what my house will look like after I return! So Paul I know our kids will love their daddy time but my only request is please stick to MY schedule. That is all, thank you honey!!

And now for photo overload...enjoy!
Drew being a big helper with his little brother Tate

Guess we should have had one more older kid!!

Kenzie showing her brother how to hold her own bottle

Aubrey helping in the kitchen on Thanksgiving

Daddy and his baby girls

Grandpa Jerry and Uncle Jess multitasking

Grandma Pat and Izzy

Mom and Daughter

Who's wish will come true??


"Hey mom, I'm your favorite right?!?"


Yes our boys often dress in pink and purple. We are making them be manly men.
 This is what we get to see every night when we go to bed. There is nothing better than a sleeping baby except 4 of them!


Tate after a hard day



  1. It's exhausting to keep them all entertained!!! I felt like a carnival today as well, so many loud obnoxious toys, lol. LOVE the pic of Drew feeding a bottle, that is so cute.

  2. Amazing! Love all these pics Returning to work!? I thought it was after the New Year! You and I are so similar! What is the house going to look like when I get home??!!! You are awesome and I just love all the updates!

  3. Looking good, Krista! I need to break out the annoying toys, so far I have been able to squeak by shaking toys and having them stare at mirrors/each other! Plus, I need to teach Jenna to feed babies too...! She has watched long enough. Good luck going back to work!

    1. It's so time for Jenna to help with feeds. Aubrey loves it and if she is being bad we actually take away her feeding privileges! Natalie will start feeding and then two minutes into it she is bored but we make her stay on task. we started with them feeding the babies in a bouncy chair but they actually do better using a boppy. And keep the annoying toys put away is my advice! I am thinking its almost time for the exersaucer over here.

  4. They are getting to be more fun, but yes that to do list is much harder to finish. I am just like you, when I go to work I mostly worryabout what doesn't get done at home. I learned to leave clothes out otherwise they may be cross dressed or wearing dirty pjs.
    The Boppy convention on your floor is too cute. I parked my girls across from each other recently and they actually cooed and smiled at each other! Like Becky, mine like mirrors and watching each other kick with ankle rattles.

    1. It is so fun when they see each other. I can't wait til they really become aware of each other. It is so much fun!!


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