December 24, 2012

A Merry Christmas Eve

We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. We are enjoying our California Christmas but oh how we long for the Minnesota Christmas we had last year even though we did not see snow the entire two week we were there! I have to work on Christmas Day so we started celebrating early and this was not a disappointment to the kids at all and it was so great turning on the news this morning to hear how early the stores were opening today and I was so thrilled that I was done shopping and the gifts were all ready opened!! I don't like crowds or rude people and there are way to much of that out there today.
Our first born, Bailey
Aubrey is always asking to hold her babies


Stealing cookies....

But then realized mom was watching so he decided to ask if he could have one!
Needed to hold her other sister.
Yesterday we woke to wind and lots of rain and it was quickly decided that the babies would not be going to church. Paul was out of the house by 6:45 to go get us a Starbucks. What an amazing guy I have and let's just say the morning looked a tad bit brighter as I sipped my yummy coffee that only had to be reheated twice before I finished it! I took the big kids to church while Paul stayed home with the babies and watched football finished wrapping the remaining gifts. On the way home the kids and I stopped and picked up clam chowder bread bowls for lunch. We looked like drowned rats by the time we got home. It was then time for the big kids to take naps before the festivities got started. Once they woke they were ready to start some serious unwrapping but much to their dismay babies needed to be fed. We did have a surprise visitor right after the babies were full of milk. Santa came knocking on our windows and if only you could have seen 2 four year olds and a two year old running around from window to window trying to figure out who it was. Our doorbell (which has been disconnected since the babies have come home) rang and when Natalie opened the door she found three packages left by Santa. Their Christmas jammies had been delivered by the man in the red suit. Christmas could now begin in the Lesnau house. Unfortunately daddy missed the whole thing because he was using the "restroom"!!!
Santa projects from Grandma Lesnau

The one Christmas cookie I made this year...peanut butter balls (Yes, I am pumping while making cookies. Sometimes there is just not enough hours in the day!)

So tempting...

couldn't resist.

We giggle over so many things that we shouldn't but we are only four what do you expect?!?

Only some of our Christmas cards. The rest are in a pile, will need a bigger tree next year.  
Our seven

Santa just came!!!

The kids got way more than they needed, stayed up much pass their bedtime and woke a bit on the crabby side but Santa came so it was another exciting morning in our home. Most of the gifts from last night have found a temporary home to make room for more gifts under the tree as we celebrate with my family today. Tomorrow we will celebrate the real reason for the season...the birth of Jesus. Since the girls were little we have always baked Jesus a cake and allowed the kids to put as many sprinkles on it that they need to. A whole bottle may have been used a time or two but He is worth it!
The babies ready for some gift opening

We are going to pretend they sat like this the entire time during gifts!

Daddy passed out all the gifts.

Aubrey gave out hugs and thank yous after every gift

Daddy and his oldest

Rylan helping

Mommy was so excited to get a cruisnart baby food maker!

Drew was so excited to get a balance bike

You know your kids are tired when they fall asleep half in bed!

Happy Birthday Jesus and a Merry Christmas to All.


  1. Ah! I loved this look into your Christmas! My youngest son, Ben, LOVES the clam chowder bread bowls!! We used to have those on Christmas Eve. My daughter, Summer, would order them from San Francisco!

    Merry,MERRY Christmas to you and yours from Linda and Louis Dean down here in Texas!

  2. Haha, commenting after my mom ^^ :)

    Loved this post and so glad you all got to celebrate. You look great, Krista, and so does the rest of the fam. Those quad babies are growing and looking so good! You will LOVE the baby food maker—I can't get over mine, it's so easy and I feel sooooo proud of myself for feeding the kids fresh, "clean" baby food.

    Also, I think most of the photos you post of Drew crack me up. Like the one of him stealing cookies, lol.

    Happy holidays!!!

  3. What a great day with the whole family! I love how Bailey made the post too. Our fur babies are really special and got us through years of infertility. Drew is precious stealing cookies and the PB balls look divine. I've been wondering how you manage to pump still, master multitasker!

    Here's to baby food making and spoon feeds in 2013!


  4. Love your photo of making cookies while pumping. Cracked me up! Excellent. To be honest, I did not even notice the pumping going on until I read and did a double take. As a former IBCLC, I salute you!


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