December 21, 2012

A Little Friday Cuteness...

Life is rough

Izzie attempting to zone out everyone around her

A new contraption for the babies

It wasn't long ago when they had lots of spare room in their pack n plays even with all four of them in their. My babies are growing.

"Why yes mom, I think that is a great idea."

"This toy just will not get out of my way."

"I'm a little confused, my mommy says I look adorable but my auntie thinks I look silly as Mrs. Claus."

We are a little short so we improvise with whats around us.

Now this momma must get back to getting ready for Christmas. Preschool Christmas performance to attend, finish shopping and a menu to plan. And in case anyone forgot...only four days til Christmas!!


  1. Love the pictures! And did you change the blog design? Cute! I think it is awesome that your kids have the same toys and contraptions as mine. Our babies could swap homes and still feel "at home"!

  2. Haha, we stuck a gift wrapped box under the bouncy a couple weeks ago same as you. Although now Harrison's feet touch down in both bouncers!!! Merry Christmas to you guys!


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