December 10, 2012

4 months...(a day late!!)

I cannot believe that my babies are four months already! The time really is flying by and we are getting to such a fun age. Even though they are four months they are still just shy of two months adjusted. We have had newborns forever and we are getting so excited to start hitting some of the next developmental marks such as playing with toys, rolling, watching mom and dad move around the house. Then they can slow down again because I am so NOT ready for them to start moving around the house!! Today was a fun day because we brought the babies (& the other 3 kiddos) down to the perinatalogist office that saw me for the whole pregnancy. We had not been down there since the babies were born and we wanted to bring them a small gift for everything they did to bring the babies into the world safely and I had to get page 1,456 of disability paperwork signed. It felt like yesterday that we were there getting ultrasounds and I really do still miss being pregnant with them. But it was so funny listening to the very full waiting room as we walked in. Natalie quickly informed everyone that we were there to bring the doctors wine for taking care of her mommy and her 4 babies while they were in my tummy. She always and I mean always tells everyone that her mom has four babies at home wherever we go. I think she has gotten so use to everyone coming up to us that she now thinks its just fastest to announce it and be done. Luckily we only heard good comments today.
A small token of appreciation for our amazing doctors.

Turning four months also brought along a change for us at home and that was having mom go back to work. I have been off work since April and though it sounds like a really nice vacation it was anything but. Carrying quadruplets and then taking care of four preemies has not always been easy and some days work would have been a breeze compared to what I really was doing. I had extreme anxiety for three plus weeks leading up to returning to work. This mainly was due to not knowing how many hours I was going to return too. My doctor put me back to work with reduced hours (I may have handed him a piece of paper outlining exactly what would make me super happy and he may have obliged) but my work was not approving it without further info from the doctor. Apparently stress is not a good enough diagnoses to have reduced work hours but in the end I was approved and so I will be working one shift a week in December, two shifts a week in January and then returning to my regular FTE in February. My first shift back was Saturday and it went just fine. I was never worried about how daddy would do taking care of seven kiddos. It was more of how I was going to handle being gone for 12 hours, how to get in enough pump sessions to not be absolutely miserable and what the house would look like when I got home. I survived, my coworkers were awesome and when I got home dinner was on the table, 7 kids smelled of Baby Magic, bottles were washed and ready to be filled and 3 loads of laundry were completed!! When I talked to Paul at 3pm I told him he only had four more hours to go and he told me that I only had four more hours of vacation. He said going to work is so much easier than staying home and I totally 100% agreed with him. Saturday was also the first day I had someone ask me how many kids I have and I think the dad that asked me almost feel out of of his chair when I told him seven. He looked at me and said you can't be anymore than 30 and I told him that I was 31. He asked how it was even possible so I told him the ages and it just made me smile. I really do love my life and will always enjoy telling people how many kids I have because to most this just seems like a crazy number and to us we wouldn't change it for a minute.

Our amazing 4 four month olds!!!
Kenzie & Tate

She is so darn cute!!!

Tate the tank

Please excuse the spit up on Miss Isabella. We were clean the entire day until 2 seconds before these pictures but sometimes you just gotta keep on rolling.


Daddy and his babies


The best daddy

The reason ceiling fans were invented was to entertain babies


  1. We are super moms. I had no idea how I'd balance continuing to work with taking care of four preemies!! I only was off one month, the actual month I had the quads. But I also don't have three other kiddos to tend too. We all have such amazing situations and it's even more amazing how we all survive and thrive! The babies are looking great, happy four months!!

  2. I adore this!!! They are all getting so big and beautiful! And that Rylan still has stole my heart!!! CUTIE!!!!

  3. They're sooo big, and Rylan is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen!!!

  4. They are just beautiful! Good work managing everything. You are amazing. xoxo, Natasha

  5. they are so cute!!! Rylan has the best hair!!! You guys make adorable babies!!!


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