December 15, 2012

4 Month stats & you guessed it more family pictures!

The babies have not been to the doctors since they were 2 months old and so I was very excited to see how much weight the babies had gained. I had not weighed the babies at all because well I knew they were growing and that was good for me! I had my guesses of what everyone weighed and I was thrilled when everyone was about a pound more than what I thought. So little Kenzie who started out at 2.6lbs now weighs 8.9lbs, Isabella (3.9lbs) is now 10.9lbs, Rylan (3.10lbs) came in at 10.11lbs and Tate the Tank (3.15) is just plain huge! He is 13.9lbs!! At least we know that we are not starving Tate. I asked the doctor if we needed to give Kenzie higher calorie formula with her two formula feeds and he said he was not concerned because her height and weight are both in the third percentile so she is proportionate. It amazes me how far the babies have come in four months. So to celebrate their awesome weight gains we toasted with four bottles of milk!

One of the things I love most about December is getting Christamas cards in the mail. I love displaying them during the month and the kids always ask who everyone is. Then at the end of the season I put them all away so that next December we can pull out the ones from years past and see how everyone has changed. I knew that their was no way I could get our family all in one picture looking decent by using a self timer for our Christmas card so it was time to call for help! I think we are done for awhile having pictures taken but if the opportunity arises I won't turn it down. I love pictures but don't come to my house expecting them to be hung all over. I am just not good at that part so most of them stay on my computer. This is something I need to get better at in 2013; I think I just came up with a New Year's resolution! So enjoy the wonderful work of Monica from Studio KYK.
2012...what an amazing year

The bestest of friends






The "Little Kids"

He has the most awesome personality

The "Big Kids"

Monica told them to say poop. Drew said it and this was his reaction! He couldn't believe that he could say it and not get into trouble!!

The Lesnaus

Love him!!


  1. Love the new pictures!! You look fab and all the kiddos look great! I can't believe Tate is so big! Little chunker!

  2. You have the best family pictures! Monica does a great job, but your family is beautiful so it can't be hard to get good shots. None of our photos are out either....they are on the blog or computer.

  3. What a beautiful family!! You, my dear, are absolutely AMAZING!!!
    Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog post today! I guess 'our' quads are just in front of yours in age.
    I know you Quad Moms have been such a blessing to each other!
    Blessings for you and yours in this great adventure you're on - LIFE!!

  4. The picture when the photographer asked the big kids to say "poop" cracks me up. Drew probably talked about that all day!! Thank you for all your updates and photos. You are so blessed. And can I just say, you look fabulous Mom of seven children ages 4 and under.
    Mary from Boston


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