November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Blessings

Today is the day that we take the time to remember all that we are thankful for. To me it is sad that it is only a one day affair because so many of us have an abundance to be grateful for. As we sat around the breakfast table eating pumpkin pancakes, bacon and the most delicious oranges Paul and I were talking to the kids about things we are thankful for and then we had a conversation about the people in the world who do not have a home or enough food to fill their hungry tummy. Aubrey then said we needed to go through our toys because we have too many and we can give some to kids that don't have many toys. So today I am thankful for the food that is always stocked in our fridge and pantry, for the heat that we can turn on each night as we crawl into our warm fleece bedding, for our jobs that help provide for our family of nine, for excellent health insurance and medical advancements that allowed our quadruplets to make it into this world and survive, and I will forever be thankful for the amazing family and friends that we have.

Last year on November 16th we found out that the baby we were so excited to be expecting had past away and we had yet again miscarriaged. It was a tough Thanksgiving a year ago because we should have been celebrating a new life but instead we were saddened that we would have to wait until we got to heaven to meet our son or daughter. Now a year later we have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams. And we are so thankful each and everyday for the path God has lead us on and we have chosen to follow.

To my husband & children:

Paul thank you for being the husband that you are. It hasn't always been an easy road but we have always found each other after the rough patches. You make me a better person. You love our children like only a father knows how to do. You love to act silly with the kids and there is no better sound then hearing the kids laugh as you chase them through the house, throw them in the air, or tickle them. I love hearing you sing the bedtime prayer to each of our children at night. I love you and Happy Thanksgiving baby.

Natalie you are my oldest and a mini me in attitude. You are so smart and you remember everything. I truly think you will be a lawyer some day. You love to help out and you have not found out yet that chores are no fun, except you really dislike having to pick up your toys! You told us this morning that you are thankful for your babies and I hope you will always be thankful for them. I love you my first baby A and Happy Thanksgiving.

Aubrey, you have stepped into the roll of second mommy around here. You love to feed the babies, pick out their jammies each night, getg their bath set up and anything else I will allow you to do. You are an actress and will sing about anything, You have also fooled mom and dad quite a few times with your fake sleeping. In the past couple of months you have enjoyed having your picture taken and anytime the camera is out, which is often, you want your picture taken. I love you silly goose and Happy Thanksgiving.

Drew Bear you are hilarious. Your personality and facial expressions crack me up. I love when you respond with "oh man" when things don't go right. After I get you dressed each morning I am rewarded with a kiss. You love any kind of sport and have amazed mom and dad with your soccer abilities. You also love feeding the babies and all the babies have the same name, Tate! You will always be my little man. Happy Thanksgiving.

 Kenzie Rae or Peanut as you are referred to around here. We have all fallen head over heels in love with you. You have a voice and if you want to be heard you make it loud and clear that you need something. Daddy told you this morning that once you start smiling at him you will have him wrapped around your finger. Love you Peanut and Happy Thanksgiving.

Isabella you have become the child that is only happy when held. You like your pacifier but only if someone is holding it for you. You don't like the swing, your boppy, playing on the floor but boy do you love arms. Its a good thing that your sisters fight over who gets to hold you because as one of four I can't hold you all the time. You hair is absolutely wild. I thought Aubrey's hair was crazy as a baby but you won. I can tame it for a minute with gel but before long it is frizzy and sticking straight up. I see lots of little pony tails in your future. I love you baby girl and Happy Thanksgiving.

Tate, Big Boy, Brutus or any other name that means big. You are our tank. You have become so much more interactive after we added rice cereal to your bottles. You still spit up after every feed but not quite as much. We started you on Prevacid to see if you are more comfortable and we can get rid of the crying after you eat. You love your pacifier more than anyone else. You also love the swing but are not so fond of tummy time. You also calm right down when we start playing your aquarium in your crib. I am almost certain that if Canon in D is played at your wedding you will think about the days of sleeping in your rock n' play. I love you Tator and Happy Thanksgiving.

Rylan you are becoming such a little man. You are so content looking at the world around you. It's as if you have been here before and are taking it all in again. You will stare at objects for a long time and I wonder if you have the engineer mind like your daddy and are already figuring out how things work. You have the most awesome hair which I do nothing with because if I do it becomes wild like your sisters. Your hair will not be spikeable like Drew and Tate's and so it's a new learning curve for me. I love you my little old soul and Happy Thanksgiving.

I love you all,
Mommy (& your wife)  

 Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours,
The Lesnaus


  1. Such a lovely post. I've been reading your journey for a long time- seeing four smiling babies warms my heart.

    Missy P

  2. Beautifulpicture, beautiful family!

  3. Just reading this. Brought tears to my eyes.


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