November 09, 2012

Happy 3 Months

Happy 3 months munchkins. You are three months today but I still feel like we have newborns. You are 4 weeks adjusted so in a sense you still act like a newborn would. Some of the big accomplishments you have made since coming home from the nicu are: 
Our little vegetable garden

  • You are now all in size 1 diapers. Kenzie you could still easily wear a newborn size since a size 1 goes half way up your chest but sorry girlfriend I am not buying you your own diapers! 
  • You have all made it out of preemie clothes and boys I cleaned out almost all of your newborn clothes. I had no problem getting rid of the preemie clothes but for some reason it was very emotional packing up the newborn clothes. You are getting so big so fast and I am not ready for the infant stage to be done. We will never have another little boy wear newborn clothes in this family. We will just say I still have some pregnancy hormones going on.
  • You are making eye contact with us and and are starting to follow us around. 
  • You hold your head up when you are placed on your tummy or are held upright. Tate you have been known to bonk heads with dad quite a few times while he is burping you. This does not make you happy.
  • Kenzie you love tummy time only because it is your favorite way to sleep. I can't wait for you to learn to roll so I can officially let you sleep on your tummy.
  • Tate you have spit up on every couch cushion, swing, bouncy, activity mat that we have. It's a good thing I have you around because otherwise I would not know when to wash the above said items.
  • You are now giving your mom and dad 6-8 hour stretches at night.
  • You have all added some "rolls" to your legs and mommy loves them.
  • Isabella you get about half way over when trying to roll from back to tummy. You know how to swing those legs now if only your shoulders would follow. 
  • Rylan you love playing with the overhead activity toys. We have caught you batting at them a couple of times. You will just stare at the toys wishing them to come alive and play with you.
  • And most importantly you have added so much joy and love to our family. I can not imagine life without you four.
Rylan's expression makes me laugh because it is so sad
So you were born three months ago but you truly became ours, meaning we didn't have to share you with the nurses and doctors in the nicu, two months ago.The other night as we were changing your diapers one last time before bed I looked at dad and told him that having four has been so much easier than I ever imagined it would be.We have those moments where we wish we could sleep a whole night or go out on a date but we have never once said this would have been so much easier if we would have only had one. Our life is very routine and we change it as we need to as you guys develop but once we have a new routine we keep it until it needs to be adjusted. The hardest part I have each day is feeling like I don't give you four enough love and individual time. If I spend an extra thirty minutes playing with you I get behind in the other things that need to be done such as laundry, bottles, getting myself ready, feeding your older brother & sisters or the other 34,985 tasks that NEED to be done each day. I am learning that some things have to wait until the next day and its not surprising to find 2 or 3 laundry baskets of clean but unfolded clothes sitting around waiting to be put away. Some days I feel our days are so full of tasks and not really contain any enjoyable things. I know this time will be short lived so try not to get frustrated; I just wish I had more time to sit and snuggle with all four of you. I really miss bringing babies into bed in the mornings and holding you close. I know we could do this but by the time we brought you all in we would have three other hooligans that would have found us and the time would no longer be enjoyable!

We have so enjoyed the last three months and I know the next three are going to be just awesome as you start developing your own personalities. Mom and dad love all four of you so much. Happy 3 Months!! 


  1. They are sooo cute, so perfect. I love your updates and it is so much fun watching the babies grow. They each have their very own look and I don't see that any look alike. What fun you have ahead!

  2. Your babies are getting so darn cute! I just love how all of our quad crews are keeping up with each other with all the cool stuff they are starting to do. We often say how we'd be bored if we just had one or two. Everything for four eventually and surprisingly does become routine! We are all so blessed to have all or our little miracles.

  3. Happy 3 months sweet babies! You are such love bugs and doing so wonderfully! I love keeping up with your blog, your mama does a great job writing about you. Your parents are amazing and you are loved so much by all of your family. Love, Cinda


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