November 18, 2012


gen·er·os·i·ty  n.
the habit of giving without expecting anything in return. It can involve offering time, assets or talents to aid someone in need. Often equated with charity as a virtue, generosity is widely accepted in society as a desirable trait.

I have been humbled by the generosity of so many people since we have had our quads. It has amazed Paul and I how very generous people have been. Looking back I know I have not always been the most giving when people need it. I'm not talking about birthday parties or other "gifts" but doing something for someone that will help them out in a way that will really make a difference to that person or family. Sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in our own life and the thing that sounded good at the time quickly gets forgotten. 

I am not a person that likes to ask for help. I have a hard time asking my own mother for help and so asking others...well you can just imagine how hard that is for me! There have been two groups that have gone way above the generosity and what is even more amazing that in these two groups I personally know only a handful of them. The first group is our local moms of multiples group. I had joined when I had the twins and went to a couple of events but never felt connected. Fast forward four years and I decided to join again with the quads and all I can say is what a difference four years make. This group of mothers are amazing and absolutely wonderful people. We had meals delivered to our home twice a week for over two months from these already very busy moms. Some of these moms I had taken care of their babies in the nicu, others had given birth to their twins the same week as the quads and one mom even found me a rock n play from another group of moms she knows, went and picked it up and then brought it to me. I can not wait to bring meals to other mom's in this group when their babies are born because it is so nice to be able to sit down to a hot meal after a crazy, exhausting day. I have decided that from now on I would rather bring someone a meal after their baby is born than buy a set of onsies for the baby shower. So if you know someone that is expecting can I recommend that you drop off a meal for this new family after the baby is born. I guarantee that you will put a smile on that mom's face. And to the the PCMOM's I can't wait to start joining in on more events, especially mom's night out!

And then there is our church family. We have been members of St. Joseph of Marello for the last five years and we love it. We have a wonderful priest, a beautiful music ministry and we have met the nicest of families. But as many of you who attend church will understand we often "knew" people from church because we sat behind them each week for five years. Because we all know you claim a row and sit in the same spot every Sunday. Paul and I did not make a big deal of our quadruplet pregnancy in church. We did have Father bless my tummy one Sunday after mass but that was about it. I did not want to make a big deal about my pregnancy. One of the ladies who sat behind us for five years found out we were expecting four babies. Mary would ask each week how I was doing and I would fill her in. After the babies were born she started coming and helping at out house about once a week. She is our one and only helper! After Mary found out that the majority of people at church did not know that we had just had quadruplets she was on a mission to get that changed. One Sunday another mom, Lisa, that we "knew" because we sat behind her and her family each weekend saw a picture on Mary's phone of Rylan and she started asking questions. It was then that the ball started to roll. When I called the church to set up baptism for the quadlings Father asked if he could introduce us the following Sunday. I agreed and we were brought up to the alter and all nine of us were introduced. Father even tried to kidnap Rylan. The three older kids did not find this funny and my sister said that Father truly did not want to give him back but she wrestled Rylan out of his arms because she knew how panicked I was that he was not covered in his car seat with so many people walking past him. Germs, germs and more germs is all this mom was thinking about!! Father asked the congregation to bring a pack of diapers the following weekend. Paul and I kind of talked about it the following weekend as we drove up to church and both agreed that if it was us we would have thought it was a good idea at the time and then totally forgot about it a week later. We figured this is what most people would do. So you can just imagine how floored and speechless we were when we walked in and saw boxes upon boxes of wipes and diapers. We received 5,276 diapers!! Which of course Paul figured out that if we go through six diapers a day for each kid it will last us 219 days. We could not believe the generosity of our parish. We still received more diapers this weekend and again were speechless.

Mary and Lisa also asked us if it would be okay if the Ladies Social group at our church could have a baby shower for us and we were excited for a party. Instead of calling it a baby shower we decided it would be a "Celebration of Blessings" for our four little miracles. Lisa opened up her beautiful home and everyone in her family gave up time for us. Her husband made the most delicious quiches and her two beautiful children even got to have a "sick" day from school to entertain our three older kids.  We had a great morning of celebrating the babies and again everyone that came was so generous. It was overwhelming how giving so many people were to a family that many had only seen and some had only heard about because they go to a different mass than us. Because of the generosity of these ladies and also with two generous gifts from an uncle and an aunt of mine we are able to purchase our quad stroller. I am so excited that I will now have the possibility of getting out of the house by myself with the babies. We also received many gift cards that will help purchase items for the babies over the next couple of months. Paul and I were talking the other day that the birth of the quads has once again shown us where our priorities in life need to be; church and family. You will always find love and support with these two things.

Because of the generosity that so many people have shown us from meals to hand me down clothes to gifts of money and gift cards our family has learned an invaluable lesson in life: of giving without expecting anything in return.
Our welcome sign made by a beautiful young lady named Ally.
Zach played the piano for us while everyone was treated to a delicious brunch.

I was very concerned about the babies getting sick and I should have had no fears because everyone understand and where so happy to just look. Aubrey is with Ms. Mary who our family has fallen in love with as another grandma in our kids life.

Two of the men in my life...I am SO lucky!
Our quad stroller

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  1. The outpouring of love and generosity is just amazing. I am always amazed at how people we've never even met have helped us. I hope to pay it forward someday. What kind of quad stroller did you get? I haven't seen that model before, but it looks really cool!


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