October 21, 2012

Got Questions???

I am working on a Q&A post so if you have been pondering a question now is your time to ask! Please leave any questions in the comment section and then stay tuned and it will be answered in the next post. If you are leaving a comment as an "anonymous" user you really are anonymous to me. Some of you leave the most amazing and uplifting comments and I would love to know who is writing them, so if you don't mind adding your name to the end of your "anonymous" comments I would love to know you took the time to share with us. 

Same princess just hd to get a close up because she looked so peaceful

Tate & Kenzie, another unsuccessful tummy time due to sleepiness!
Today was a wonderful day because we were able to take our entire family to church for the first time. Of course it was the week my mom gets sick so she wasn't able to come due to it being to risky to spread to our family and my sister was looking at houses with her realtor but the older kids did great and the babies only needed paci's inserted twice so it was successful. So many of our prayers have been answered during the pregnancy and with the health of the babies that it is wonderful to spend a Sunday morning at mass. 
Auntie Nikki and Kenzie hanging out before bath
It is now time for family nap time so we wish everyone a happy Sunday.
Sweet Dreams Everyone


  1. #1 I noticed that you're not doing the "lock down" on the babies, like many other preemie families. re: going to the pumpkin patch & church, lots of germs in those big crowds. And the older girls being in pre-school, would worry me, bringing home an illness. How are you preventing the babies from contracting RSV? As a nurse your honest opinion is it really necessary?
    #2 When are you going back to work? and how are you going to handle it? nights? days? hire a nanny?(you really are a superwoman)
    #3 Were any of your other children preemies?
    #4 Are the babies all in one bedroom?

    Thank you for sharing, keep doing what you are doing, because it seems to be working. I don't have a blog, so I am anonymous, but I have commented a few times.
    Mary from Boston

  2. Love Q&A's! I feel like the blogger gets to know their readers so much better and that the readers can get information that they're confused about. So here are my questions:

    1) What does the completed nursery look like? I remember a post with a semi-completed room, but I'm anxious to see the whole thing.

    2) How were all of your children named? Aubrey and Natalie seem classic, and Isabella is popular, while Drew, Kenzie, Tate and Rylan are a little more abstract. What were other names that you guys tossed around?

    3) Krista, what is your particular family dynamic? I was surprised that you has such a younger brother and sister in one of your posts and I am really curious.

    4) Why did you and Paul choose not to find out the genders of the quadruplets? Did you find out with Drew and the twins?

    Otherwise your are truly superwoman with these children and you and your husband are extremely blessed. Each and everyone of your children is adorable! Congratulations again!

    Jordyn from New York

  3. I don't really have any questions, but just want to say they are adorable! Not sure how I even found your blog, but I love to read it


  4. Firstly, I would like to say that Aubrey, Natalie, Drew and the babies are absolutely gorgeous!
    I was also wondering about the lack of 'lock down' with the babies. I see you aren't taking them out too much, but don't you think it's a little risky given that it is RSV season?
    Another thing I was wondering, is how you came up with your older children's names? You posted where the babies' names came from, and I am curious about the older children's.
    Have you finished the nursery?
    Lastly, how are you going to ensure each of 'the quads' develops a sense of individuality? This is what I found difficult with my three girls.

    I am looking forward to your Q & A post!

    Madelaine, Mom to 4 girls and twin boys in heaven. Isabella, Tilley and Skye are 15 years old, Jenna is 11 and our boys Cohen and Kai would have been 7 this year.

  5. I know you didn't want to use the Dr. Brown bottles, so what made you make the switch?
    I've read lately about the dangers of bottle propping...choking and ear infections...you prob know much more than me, so is that just if they are unattended?
    Obviously you are open about sharing the story on how the quads were conceived, but do you ever come across people asking rude or too personal of questions and how do you answer them? I ask because I am in a situation where I am getting help for infertility and don't feel comfortable with people asking me about it.
    I love looking into your blessed life and your beautiful gifts from God. They are all so amazing and special. Thanks.

  6. Any updates on Rylan since you mentioned some kind of troubling test results regarding his brain? Prayers for you and your many children!

  7. I'm pretty sure there was another post that mentioned that everything turned out fine with his follow up.

  8. As a fellow quad mama, I just have to know, How on earth do you juggle it all? You are really super mama! You still pump, take your kiddos out for the day, make it to church, hold all four, push two twin strollers. WOW!!! Sometimes I think I've got it under control and I don't think I manage half of what you accomplish. Maybe that twin experience has paid off =) Props to you, mama.

  9. What type of work do your and your husband do for a living? I don't know how I would ever afford so many diapers!!!!!!!!!

  10. I enjoy reading your blog, and the babies are so beautiful, like precious china dolls! No questions-- as a woman who is old enough to be their grandma and who never had children herself, I am in total awe of you! I pray for everyone's continued health.
    R. in Nova Scotia, Canada


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