October 06, 2012

Birth pictures

We are almost two months from one of the three most amazing days of my life...the birth of my quadlings. When I learned that we were pregnant with four I knew I was going to be having a c-section and that my babies would be taken to the nicu. Because of these circumstances I knew I would be missing out on the bonding time with my babies right after birth. I would not get to hold them right away, I would not get to see them being born because I would be behind a blue sheet, and it could be hours before I really got to see my babies. These are some of the reasons that Paul and I decided to have a photographer in our delivery room. I know that the kids will some day look through them and toss them aside but to me they allow me to relive those precious first hours that my children came into our lives. Paul also video taped the delivery and I have a feeling I will never be able to watch the c-section without a Kleenex. Our wonderful friend, Monica from Studio KYK, captured the first meeting of our little miracles. Thank you Monica for giving us a gift that we will cherish forever. 
My mom and I share one last moment before I head into the operating room. This was a day I totally understood that a mother always loves her child. She was so proud but so scared at the same time. I know she was scared for her grandchildren but also for her daughter. I love you Mom.
One of my favorite pictures of the day. The pregnancy was not always easy. It was full of so many unknowns but together we had made it.
Daddy waiting while mom got her epidural.
Everyone made it right before Paul went into the operating room.

Dr. Veille. The first doctor we saw at ten weeks that gave me such peace with our pregnancy  was the one that brought our quads into this world.

About to begin.

First cut was made. For those who know me and even numbers will find this very funny. It couldn't have been any better! The four is the room we were in..kind of cool since we were having four babies.

Daddy getting it all on tape.

The moment when I heard my little peanut cry.

My peanut, Kenzie Rae

Baby A

A very happy mommy.
One minute later and Baby B is about to make their entrance into this world.

Baby B..."It's a girl!"

Isabella Lynn

Mom getting to see Isabella

Baby C...Tate Richard

I started crying when I saw Daddy crying because he had another baby boy.

My first words, "He looks just like Drew."

Now it was time to get the trouble maker out.

The moment when I heard the last of my babies cry. It was the most amazing moment.

Rylan James born at 22:27

Daddy cutting the umbilical cord.


Daddy with everyone's footprints except Kenzie's. She had already been taken to the nicu.


They brought each baby except Kenzie in to see me.

On the way to the nicu.

Daddy telling everyone what we had.

The room that Isabella, Rylan, and Tate were in.

A very proud daddy.

Rylan's room.

Rylan James. Each baby got the number of umbilical clips for the order they were born in.

All the babies were started on bcpap to help with breathing.


Proud Auntie and Uncle
Friends that were their with us each step of this journey.
Not the greatet picture but the only one of us together from the babies birth day.

The rosary that I held during the entire c-section. Thank you Blessed Mary for protecting my children and I.

Seeing my mom for the first time since delivery.

Letting the world know that we had welcomed our miracles.

Family meeting Rylan for the first time.

Rylan's swollen little feet...

and his perfect little hands.


My perfect little Tate

Another favorite of mine. The emotions of the night..happiness and gratitude.

I was wheeled to each of the babies bedside on my way to the room. This is me meeting Rylan and I will forever be grateful for Carissa, the nurse in the far background, who worked so hard 24 hours later to keep Rylan alive. Thank you for doing the work you do Carissa.

Mommy and one of her amazing miracles.

All babies and mom were tucked into bed and everyone else enjoyed dinner from Mel's!


  1. Amazing!!!! The photos & captions are beautiful. It does bring tears to this total stranger, who has been following along from the beginning, first time commenting. Thank you for sharing your story. Mary from Boston

  2. WOW!!! tears came to my eyes seeing all these pictures and thinking in a few weeks we'll be in your position. You were so strong and you're just an inspiration for me! Thank you for sharing such wonderful moments with us.


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