October 06, 2012

Birth Photos-Part Two (Siblings meet)

On August 10th, Natalie, Aubery and Drew were introduced to their brothers and sisters. They first meet with a child life specialist to prepare them for the nicu.
2 girls...2 boys!!!!
The "babies" the older kids made before going into the nicu.

The hospital gave the kids their big brother/sister shirts and they were so excited to wear them.

Aubrey found this moment to become a paci girl again. She said she was keeping it safe for the babies.

Seeing pictures of their babies for the first time.

Off to be the big brother!

Scrubbing in.

Rylan James and his older sisters.

Taking mom back to her room.

Being goofy in room 210.

I had to add this because it shows the curiosity of a four year old!

The view outside my window! A pretty painting but I thought it was literally going to rain any moment because that "picture" was a 6 story tall wall that blocked all sun.


Mine and Paul's 10th wedding Anniversary was the day after the quads were born. We gave each other the most beautiful gift ever...the addition of four more blessings to our family.
To our children...

Mom & Dad love you!

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