October 15, 2012

Applesauce and other happenings

Paul had a grand idea about two weeks ago of canning his own applesauce this year. I have known Paul for 16 years and during this time he has had many of these grand ideas and I have learned to listen, nod my head, and act interested because most of the time they do not happen. So I did the same thing two weeks ago and again when he showed me the recipes and the steps to make it but I knew he was serious when he went to the store to buy the grinder attachment to my kitchen aide mixer.

We have a place about 45 minutes away that is called Apple Hill and its name gives it away. It is ranch among ranch of apple producers. We have gone the last couple of years and have had a blast. We always go during the week to avoid the crowds but during the week the ranches don't have everything going like they do during the weekend. So this year we decided to go during one of the most beautiful weekends of the year and lets just say we will be going during the week next year. There were so many people and one can just imagine how a crowd of people respond to four babies all of the same age that belong to one family. (Post coming soon about the comments we get and are asked when we have the babies with us.) We did have a wonderful time but after two rounds of feeding and pumping in the car I just wanted home. Paul bought 5 bushels of apples. For those that do not know how many apples are in a bushel think a very large box of apples and then you will know. I let him know that he was in charge of this project and I was not having anything to do with it. I was just happy to come home with an unbaked streusel to eat for breakfast. (Sorry no pictures from Apple Hill. I dropped our camera and the lens needs to be fixed. My sister thought she needed to take her camera back for a day...how dare she!!)

The babies woke up at 6:00 this morning after going to bed at 7:30pm and waking only once to eat at 1:30am! We put the babies back to bed and I was off to crawl into bed. Paul amazed me by staying up to get started on his applesauce. I slept in until 9:00 and it was awesome. By now Paul had one pot of apples steamed and he was well on his way. He had three great little helpers that wanted to be right in on the action. It didn't take long and I had the whole crew kicked outside to our outdoor kitchen. 
Apples, Apples and more Apples



Apples are a steaming
Daddy's helpers

At lunch time the first batch was ready to be eaten. I was shocked how yummy it was. It was still warm and will taste even better once chilled but I know it will be a huge hit in our home this winter. The greatest thing about this applesauce is that by using five different kinds of apples there is no need for sugar. It is purely apples. We will try adding a little cinnamon to the final batches to see which way we prefer it. I believe we are going to also can some pear sauce for when the babies start solids. I have always made my own baby food so it will be great to have pear and applesauce already made.Thank you baby for following through on one of your ideas...this one will be enjoyed by all nine of us!!

Final product. I feel like they need a bow or something!
We had a great weekend with my dad and step-mom visiting from Oregon, a trip to the pumpkin patch/corn maze and just spending time as a family. Below are just a couple pictures from the last week.
Isabella and her daddy

Pretty Isabella

Tate and Uncle Jess

We are working on potty training and Drew didn't want to miss a minute of the game so he took the bucket out of the potty and brought it to the living room. His sisters where nice enough to bring the rest of the potty to him.

Ready for bath

The Deacon and his wife came to visit the babies


  1. I canned applesauce one year and it was a TON of work. Kudos to your husband!! I can't wait for the post about the questions you get in public! The last one was hilarious.

  2. This sounds like an idea George would have. He got into canning okra and cucumbers last summer. I'm thinking Paul and George could be good friends. The applesauce sounds delicious! As always, I'm impressed by your stamina and getting everyone out like that!

    1. What is up with our husbands and canning? George's cucumbers sound good but I will pass on the okra. That's one vegetable that I do not like and only use in our gumbo! Paul has now finished up his applesauce and ended up making 58 quarts. It is going quickly though because we seem to be giving it away to anyone that helps with the babies. He now wants todo pears this weekend.

      We do get out a lot because I can't stand being stuck at home. We can pretty much have everyone loaded and in the car in about seven minutes. That is if they are feed and I have pumped! There are days that I wish it was easier to take the babies so I could just run to the store with everyone but I know I felt the same way with the twins. It will get easier. I like when they are about six to non months because you can just pop them out of the car seat and put them in the stroller with some toys and they are happy.


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