October 09, 2012

2 Months

Happy 2 months to four of the cutest kids around!! It's so great being a mother because you can make the before mentioned statement and no one will disagree with you!! We have settled into our new "normal" pretty darn easily. Some days we feel more sleep deprived than others and it doesn't always correlate with the sleep we got the night before. Some days it just finally catches up to you! This morning during our morning feed Paul and I each had two babies, Natalie and Aubrey were watching Wonder Pets on one iPad and Drew was flipping through apps on the other iPad and I thought to myself wow this is what seven kids is, this isn't so bad! I can't even imagine not having four babies at one time any more. It seems so normal to us. My mom reminded me the other day that we are a rarity and that even I would be fascinated with quads if I saw them being pushed around. I sometimes forget why everyone turns their heads as we walk past. We even had someone ask Paul if he had two sets of twins the other day and he commented, "If you want to call it that, sure." We are getting more and more use to going out and hearing the awed remarks and I have to say most have been nice but sometimes with a hint of sarcasm to them. We did have one lady question if we really had quads. Paul turned to me after we had walked away from her and said that no we don't have quads we just like to push around empty car seats. So if anyone needs some excitement in their life take four covered car seats in two double snap n' go's through a busy store and have some fun!

To celebrate the babies being two months old we treated them to a round of shots, actually three each. They didn't find it much fun so we may plan something a little bit differently for their 3 month celebration. They all had great check-ups and we don't have to go back until they are four months old except to get the Synagis vaccine to help prevent RSV. We got the okay to start stretching their sleep out at night and to do this I have shut of the baby monitor in our room. Until now I slept with it on so that I would hear them and not sleep through crying but this mom can't fall back to sleep once I hear a baby start fussing. I get to the point that I know they don't really need to eat but I give into the on and off again cry just so that we can get done with a feed and go back to sleep. Now to hear them from across the house and through their solid wood door they need to be crying louder than a whimper. Last night when we crawled into bed I told Paul it would be so awesome if they would sleep until 3-3:30ish. So you cam imagine how I felt when I heard the first cry at 3:15. I haven't slept a full four hours in a very long time. I'm hoping for some repeats soon. We have caught quite a few more smiles around here lately but they still are not because they find mom or dad funny but more likely because gas bubbles are tickling them. During the last week we have had to increase your feedings because you think you need more food. Not sure why this could be but I can't keep up with you so I have had to add a third bottle of formula a day. I had a really bad day when I had to make this decision because of a little thing called mothers guilt but wouldn't you know that as soon as the pressure of pumping enough let's up my milk supply increases! So now the last two nights I ave had extra to freeze for when I go back to work (insert sad face here). 

Yay now we can set them up at night like this and they can all feed themselves. Now all we have to do is teach them how to burp one another!
Kenzie waiting so nicely for her shots.

Daddy and Tate
 Drew came to help with the babies and this is how big brother helps! Love this kid... 

Rylan James 
6lbs 9.5oz 

You still have awesome hair and you also love to be wide awake. You have the look of a little man. I think you could be one of the porcelain baby dolls that you can find for sale in magazines. I love dressing you in blue because it looks so good on you. You do tend to "whine" a bit more than the others but I think it's just because you want to be held and not stuck in a swing or working out doing tummy time. You would have made for a great singleton. You are not a big fan of baths until it comes time to wash your hair and then you quiet right down. You take about 70ml per feeding and usually once a day you are not satisfied with that and will take another 15-30ml after your first bottle. 

Tate Richard 
8lbs 0oz 

Our big boy who has the cutest little leg rolls. I truly believe you have a growth spurt every other day. You take about 80ml per feeding but if any of the other kids do not finish their bottles you make sure it doesn't go to waste. You also have a huge tendency to give us a little back after your feedings. We now know that as soon as you are done you need to be lifted up and put over our shoulder. Sometimes we still aren't quick enough. I have never been a fan of leaving bibs on kids but I get tired of changing clothes so sometimes you will be found with a bib for the better part of a day. So much easier changing a bib than a onsie. You still fit into newborn diapers but it won't be long and you will be in size 1's. You by far are the loudest of the group. At times it is deafening. We always wake you last to change or bathe because you don't quiet down until after you have a bottle in your mouth. 

Had to add because this is so Tate! Sorry buddy but this was the second of three onsies in less than an hour.

Isabella Lynn 
6lbs 9oz 

Our laid back princess. Your personality remains the same as it was in the nicu. The only time you fuss is when you need a little extra with a feed. Other than that you just kind of hang out. The other day I started worrying that you were deaf because you seem to zone out everyone but then I remembered you passed your hearing screen. Since you were about three days old you have had yellow crusties in your left eye and you continue to have them. It is a blocked tear duct and mommy hopes you grow out of it soon because I feel so sad that I am always wiping your eye. You take 70ml at a feeding. I have occasionally mistaken you for your brother Rylan. When you are wrapped in your swaddle blankets and if they don't shout boy/girl I have had to peak at what jammies you have on. I will add that this is usually at the 2am feed in my defense. 

Kenzie Rae 
5lbs 10.5oz 

Our little peanut is growing up. Of all four you have changed the most in looks since birth. You have gotten the chubbiest little checks and mommy loves them. Daddy says you have a little doll face. Your head has also grown because head bands will now fit you. You make the cutest little "o" face with your lips. It's a true Kenzie expression. You tend to be loud like your brother when you want something. You do love tummy time but you don't work much on strengthening your neck muscles though because you usually fall fast asleep. You take 60ml with your bottles. Your best color to wear is pink. You look so darn cute in it. 

It seems so unbelievable to me that we have already known you for two whole months. Exactly 2 months ago at this time I was getting my epidural put in. Some days I just wish I could go back for three hours to relive it and feel the emotions and then jump back to the now. Mom and Dad love all four of you so very much and thank you for adding so much joy to our family. 
Sisters Forever


  1. They are darling! It is fun to read about them too! 8 lbs! Great work!

  2. Kenzie's cheeks are adorable! They all look great, Krista. The photo of their bottles propped on each other makes me laugh, hilarious. Ours move around so much during feeds now, we can barely keep the bottle props on the blankets! They'd rather talk and smile, then eat on occasion. I love it. I know what you mean about not imagining life without four kids. It's so normal to us now. Even more to you with 7 total!! I forget why people are so curious or hang their head out the car window when we go for a walk or make stupid comments I find less than appealing. Curiosity trumps manners every time with the general public! Keep up the great work!

  3. Wow wow, they are two months old! All seven of your children are just precious. :) xoxo, Natasha


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