September 07, 2012

The girls first day of school & baby update

Natalie and Aubrey have successfully completed their first week of pre-k! The girls are going to the same school they went to last year. It is run by two sisters and we have been so happy with our decision to send the girls there. Paul still has not gotten over the expense of preschool but that is for a different post! The girls were very excited to go back and the only struggle we have had is Natalie cries when we leave. She is our girl that needs her mom and dad. She loves trying new things but likes it best when mom and dad are doing it with her. She is also having a hard time adjusting to her friends from last year not being there. We chose to send the girls to the afternoon session this year because there is just no way we would have ever been even close to on time for the morning session. To feed four babies, get three older kids breakfast and ready for the day and either Paul or I presentable for drop off just wasn't going to happen by 8:30 in the morning. So we start school at 12:30 and this also excited me because I don't have to pack a lunch for them like I would have had to with the morning session. The only hard part was none of their friends are in the later class. They will meet new friends and that is what we keep telling them. Paul and I also love the afternoon session because there are only 7 in the class which means a lot of one-on-one time since there are two teachers!! Natalie does fine once we leave and I love how excited they are when we pick them up. Last year I would ask what they learned and I either got a "nothing" or I was told what snack was. This year has been very different in that they actually remember what they did and do tell us all about it. 
Drew believes he should stay each day too

We do not dress them a like any more but there are days that they will tell each other they want to be twins!

Natalie- age 4

Aubrey- age 4

I can't even imagine what it will look like with all 7 of them in one picture

Aubrey with Mr. A(choo)

Such a boy...find a toy and turn it into a weapon. How do they learn these things?
This week in the nicu has been great. The babies are showing more personality and it is so fun when they respond to mine and Paul's voices. Daddy even came up Wednesday evening and did his first bottle feeds with Tate and Kenzie. He has been great with the other kids and never complains about me going up to see the babies but since he spends the time with the older kids he doesn't get up to the nicu much. I can't wait for him to really connect to the babies once they are home.
Daddy watching over Isabella

Daddy's first bottle with Tate


Kenzie's turn

Post bottle snuggles...they are the best!
Isabella and Rylan are now getting bottles every other feeding and the majority of the time are finishing or get very close to finishing them. Isabella's light finally came on and she knows just what to do with that bottle when it is placed in her mouth. Rylan gets tired the quickest out of the bunch when it comes to eating but he loves to stay awake after his feeds and just look around. Rylan continues to have heart rate drops and should grow out of them by 36-37 weeks gestation (they will be 35 weeks on Saturday). 
Rylan (all the kids love to have one arm up except for Tate who wiggles both arms out)

Tate and Kenzie now get bottles with each feed. Tate even got his feeding tube removed today so hoping he can continue to do well so he doesn't have to have it put back in. Kenzie could have her tube removed since she can literally down her whole feed in 5-10 minutes. That girl knows how to eat. We are giving her a little more time to show us she can eat well because she is still in her isolette but should be moved to an open crib sometime this weekend. She will then need to continue taking her feeds by bottle but also maintain her temperature. I have a feeling she will do this with no problems at all because she continues to want to outdo everyone. She is now up to 3lbs10oz!
All kiddos had lab work this week to check their blood levels and all of them are anemic but their bodies are making red blood cells so we are going to allow their little bodies to do their job. They will all come home on a multivitamin with iron that they will get twice a day. They also had eye exams yesterday and all kiddos showed immature blood vessels which is to be expected and we will be followed up in 2-3 weeks. Head ultrasounds were done today and I will hopefully get results of these tomorrow. We are so proud of our kiddos and are still amazed that we were gifted these most amazing miracles. Stay tuned because we may have some very exciting news by the end of the weekend...think homecoming for a little man!!

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