September 23, 2012

Rylan Joins His Brother & Sister

Earlier this week I knew that Rylan was getting close to coming home. He was just working on feeds. I was expecting Friday but on Thursday I got the call...we could come get Rylan! But first we had a field trip to Fairtytale Town to go to with Natalie and Aubrey. We took Tate and Kenzie but they just didn't think the slides were that exciting! Maybe next year...

We then dropped the older kids off at our friends and it was time to visit Isabella and break Rylan out of the nicu. Such a wonderful day and now we had three home and only one to go. We are so close.
Daddy and Isabella

The last two nicu babies
We got home and it was of course time to feed the babies. It amazes me how fast three hours can go. We now are able to tandem bottle feed two kids at a time using a pillow across our lap. We thank Amber, a fellow quad mom, for showing us how to do this. It is so great to have someone three weeks ahead of us in this journey. So Paul feed Tate and Kenzie while I feed Rylan and pumped. We had dinner ourselves and Paul notified me that he had a work meeting that night. I could have put up a big stink but in a way I wanted to see if I could do it. I had six kids bathed, older kids down for the night, and three babies feed and to bed in 1.5 hours. Not to bad if I say so myself. I did quickly learn not to tandem Rylan and Tate together though because when it is time to burp neither can lay flat because they will spit up everything they just ate. So those two went through jammies rather quickly during that feed.
Ready to go

Love me some baby feet

Rylan has done great being home. He takes 50-55ml per feed but does take a little longer than the other two. He also has some reflex so is sleeping in a rocker just like his brother. The only hard part is Rylan is very much still on the nicu schedule and wakes every three hours on the dot during the night. It is amazing how much that extra thirty minutes that Tate and Kenzie were giving us meant. We are hoping they fill in Rylan quickly that they like to sleep at night and hopefully he will try it out. Once it has been three hours and the first one is a in loud crying and is not soothing themselves, we wake the others up to feed. Paul gets the bottles measured out and warmed while I change all of them. We are usually up and back go bed in about forty minutes but that only gives us about two hours of sleep before the next round. Exhaustion is starting to set in. We are pretty much doing it all by ourselves except for the occasional visit from my mom, sister or our friend Mary. My mom did come over this morning at 4 to allow Paul to sleep through the 5 o'clock feed. He greatly appreciated this and told her she is welcome to do this every morning!
Mary and Rylan at bath time
Rylan we are so happy you are home. You have come a very long way since you were born and we didn't know if this day would ever be a reality six weeks ago. Happy six weeks Rylan James and welcome home!

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