September 13, 2012

Our Peanut is home!!

So on Wednesday Tate went back to the nicu and told Kenzie how cool it was at home and she decided she was a big girl and was ready to leave the hospital. So that afternoon we brought home our Baby A. Kenzie weighed in that day at 3lbs14oz. I had to laugh as I was carrying her out because I never thought I would be bringing home a baby that wasn't even four pounds. She is almost hard to cuddle with because she is so tiny. But boy do her mom and dad love her. It has been so fun having two at home but it does scare Paul and I just a tad to think we still have two more to bring home!! It will be at least another week though before this happens because both Rylan and Isabella had heart rate drops yesterday. They must go a full seven days without an episode before they can come home. We have had some one on one discussions with them lately though because I am about done with these
Tate telling Kenzie all about the outside world

Who's bigger...the paci or Kenzie??

Paul and I both picked up Kenzie and I had total mommy's guilt because I did not even hold Rylan or Isabella while I was there. I felt awful but I know they will not remember that one day when mom did not hold them. Since we haven't gotten a new van yet we have to now officially drive two cars every where if we want to go as a family. So I brought the babies and Drew home and Paul went and picked up the girls from school. I tucked the babies into their crib when we got home and I absolutely love seeing babies snuggled together in bed. I then took Drew and we went and sat in the hot tub. Can you tell I am so not a first time mom...I had a monitor so I knew they would be just fine!! After dinner auntie and Jess came over along with grandpa and grandma and we had some very over tired older kids so it was bath time for the olders and then bed. Kenzie and Tate then got their baths and it was a wonderful first night with two kiddos home. They slept well and Paul and I conquered the feeds without a problem. Daddy did say he was completely exhausted and I reminded him that I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I could wake him up every three hours when I was pumping to prepare him for the kids arrival but he didn't take me up on that offer!
Grandma & Auntie

Mommy's favorite-bath time!

The hood was half as big as her body

"Auntie enough with the pictures already"

I think he is a tad stressed being home!

He loves his bath but hates getting out.

Daddy with Tate & Kenzie

Today I took Kenzie and Tate back to the nicu to visit their brother and sister. Natalie and Aubrey wanted to make sure I was bringing them back home and not leaving them. It is a little different being totally  in charge of two of the babies while the nurses still help with the other two. But I was proud of myself because I pumped and feed four kids in less than 90 minutes. I even came home and allowed Paul to nap with Drew during a round because I was feeling nice! The babies are now tucked in their swing for an afternoon siesta and Paul and I are going to go spend a little time with the kids outside. Life is getting busy; school, Paul working, two babies at home, two babies still in the hospital and just the day to day task of life. Don't think I can fit too much more in but I do have to say I am loving life right now!
Two big sisters watching over their babies


  1. TWO HOME! ;). Yay, I am so happy for you! You are doing awesome, super, fabulous work Mama. Sending hugs and strength. Xoxoxo, Natasha Burns

  2. Awesome!! How is Rylan doing? Any news?

  3. Surely a little sibling rivalry will get Isabella and Rylan to do what they need to do to go home. It is so wonderful to have even just two home though isn't it?


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