September 03, 2012

Monday, September 3: Labor Day

I just woke up...a two hour of those I was out cold for...feel like I am in a more zombie state now than before the nap...why do naps sometimes do this to us? It has been a rough weekend. The babies are all doing fine. I developed mastitis starting Friday evening and all I can say is does that hit you fast and like a freight train. I even had to skip some very precious nicu time with my littlest loves because I felt so crummy. Thank goodness we have antibiotics and that they work fast. Still not feeling 100% but I know I will make it. I have also had an emotionally trying time in the nicu these last couple days because of the issue of the kids developing MRSA. I think the issue that has been very trying for Paul and I has been resolved as of this morning so hopefully no more tears will be shed for this reason.
Daddy and his little girl, Kenzie

Kenzie and the girls

My Drew Bear
Okay now for the updates of the very important little people. They continue to amaze me but I will be honest I still don't feel like their mom. Yes if someone asked me how many kids I have I would proudly say seven but I still only feel like I have three. When I go up to the nicu I am so in love with the quads and think they are absolutely adorable but I do a round of diaper changes, bottle feeds and then it's time to pump and by then it's been three hours so I usually head home to spend time with the other kids and leave the babies with those nice people in the nicu. Their is little time for just cuddling or loving on more than one at a time. I go back in the evening and complete another of the above rounds and kiss them good night and tell them I will see them in the morning for a repeat of the day. So not how I have been a mom to my other three kids. Yes I know that the babies could not come home as 31 weekers but I feel like I have missed so much time with the babies...that all important bonding time. I do have to say it does excite me when I come in to their nicu suite and open their isolettes and start talking to them they immediately try opening their eyes. Just maybe they do remember me? The nicu journey has been such an eye opener for me. I work in the nicu and take care of these same babies everyday I go to work and reassure parents that I will take good care of their children while they go home and get some rest but I never really got it until now how those parents feel every time they walk out the door. I really don't think you can take these feelings away from a parent and I don't even know how to make it better for them but I can look them in the face and say I have been there and yes it is so very hard.
Isolette covers given to us by the wonderful Aly & Izy Foundation

We are slowly seeing items get checked off that the kids need to accomplish before they get the go to come home. We are hoping to have someone home in the next week to two! My best friend asked me if I wanted to try and bring them home all together or whenever someone was ready and I quickly told her as soon as they say one is ready I am running with that child. I will take them how ever I can get them but I do think it would be great to have them all at once so we don't get spoiled with one or two babies. Just give them all to us so we have complete chaos from the beginning!

Is now a 3 pounder, 3lb4oz to be exact. So neat to see her start to resemble a baby more and not be so tiny looking. We use to call Aubrey our Ethiopian baby when she was a baby because she dropped to 4lb13oz when she was born. And here we are saying Kenzie looks great at 3lb! She remains in her isolette until she gains about another half a pound and then she will be at a weight they can try an open crib. She also gets a bottle every third feed and always takes at least half and sometimes finishes it. If the girls would spend less time looking around they would do much better but they seem to be very social. She was started on extra protein in her feeds to decrease her risk of getting osteoporosis. She seems to be tolerating it very well. She also got started on epogen which helps increase red blood cell production since she is anemic and the extra iron she was getting wasn't enough. She along with everyone else will have their labs rechecked on the 6th, an eye exam also on the 6th and follow up head ultrasounds on the 7th. We are busy praying for good results on all of the test. Kenzie's personality has definitely mellowed since her first few days. The girl just wanted a full belly! 
We have a big girl at 3lbs!

Our crazy but normal life!!

Of all seven kids, Kenzie is the first one that I think got some of my facial features.

Someone please tell me when the "real" smiles come tired of these kinds of pictures!
The most laid back one in the crowd now at 4lbs2oz. I have yet to figure out her personality. She is a mix of both of her sisters. She has Natalie's forehead and eyes but Aubrey's lips and facial expressions. She has finally come off her caffeine as of yesterday and I am hoping once it is out of her system (usually 3-5 days) she will not have a rebound of heart rate drops. She is very funny girl with her feeds. She literally plays around with the bottle with her tongue for the first four to five minutes and then she will take a good amount and then again plays around and then eats. She does take full bottles but then some days she doesn't. I think she will have her daddy's passive disposition. She went into an open crib yesterday and has done great so far. She did get started today on eye ointment for some yucky yellow drainage.

Isabella hits 4lbs!

A visitor for Isabella, our good friend Ronnie
So the last post I mentioned that Tate had a positive urine culture. The repeat culture also came back positive and so our little man already has had his first bladder infection. It was caught so early that his blood work didn't even show an infection yet. He is now on a course of antibiotics which I believe will last 10 days. I have a feeling when he is done with this he will probably be very, very close to be coming home!!! He had a kidney ultrasound today so I will talk to the dr more about this tomorrow. He has not had any brady's in the last couple of days and has done great bottle feeding every other feed so tonight we are advancing him again to bottle twice, feeding tube once. Next step is bottle every time. I brought in a mixture of bottles from Avent, Nubby, and Tommie Tippy to see what works best for the kiddos. I want to avoid Dr. Brown's at all cost due to the fact that each bottle has a million and one parts to wash and since I will need at least 32 bottles in a 24 hour time frame...ya you get the point. So far the kids are all taking the Avent well and today the kids nurse, who also has quads!, said that Isabella did awesome on the Nubby. Once I figure out what each kid does best with I am off to Babies R' Us to get more bottles since we need more than the 12 or so I have. Tate also got started on the epogen because of anemia and we are hoping his numbers look good on the 6th because otherwise he runs the risk of needing a blood transfusion. I am not against one but I would rather him not need it. So praying the meds do their job. Tate is back into an open crib after getting moved back to an isolette when he got sick and is tipping the scale at 5lbs4oz.
And Tate hits 5lbs!

My wide eyed, always awake little boy who is now 4lbs. He has quite a few nurses that are smitten with him. From his amazing hair to his calm personality and his big eyes, he will be a little heart breaker for sure. He has had the most brady's of the bunch but he recovers from all of them on his own. He will take a full feeding but does need the full thirty minutes and since he is the first to feed he doesn't often get this full time because if the nurses get behind with him they will be behind on everyone. One nurse takes care of all four babies. So with mommy he usually will take the full bottle because I make sure he gets his allotted time. I do want him to feed faster before coming home and be more efficient because crappy eaters are no fun when taking care of three other babies. For all the trouble Rylan gave us at the beginning he is giving us a break now. He also got moved into an open crib and is doing well.
And not to be out done, Rylan hits 4lbs the next day

We will have four, four week olds on Thursday! I have no idea how they have gotten this old already. I will be planning their first birthday in no time! I have a feeling it will feel like forever until they start sleeping through the night. I do have to say I will be much more excited to wake up every three hours for my babies than I am for an alarm and a hospital grade breast pump. The things we do for our children but I wouldn't do it any differently! Tomorrow is also a big day in our house because Natalie and Aubrey start pre-k. They are so excited and Aubrey tried her hardest to convince me this morning that today is tomorrow!! They are ready for their friends...I am ready for a routine and hopefully children that are a little worn out from school and don't have time to bicker as much with each other. A mom can hope. So our nicu routine will change again and we will be finding a new norm so we can fit in school. It should work out just fine, it just means mom is heading up to the nicu at 7:30 in the morning to do the first round instead of the second round. This does give me a three hour window at home while Drew is napping to accomplish the many task I need to do before the babies come home. Should have nursery pictures soon since all the cribs are up. Now just need to get sheets on, pictures found and hung, and clothing put away. I hope all those that are starting school this week have a wonderful welcome back.


  1. They are doing so good! Isabella was a bottle rockstar. I had to laugh at you saying if they would stop looking around they would do better - so true! Curious little babies :-) Love seeing my sign with 4 pounds!!!! on the board. Cause I was excited :-)

  2. They are all so precious. I have enjoyed reading about them and pray right along with you!

  3. Oh how I relate! It is unnatural to leave your new babies with other caretakers before you can bond. And, I am totally avoiding dr. Brown for the same reason. So far, three of mine take the Avent! I may cave for Sydney because she is still so tiny and struggling to feed. Only one with dr. Brown won't kill me..I don't think.

  4. I love reading your updates...and seeing all the pictures of your beautiful children. I cannot wait to meet the little ones! I do understand how hard it is to leave your babies at the nicu, and I know you will bond with them so well when they are home in your arms. I will pray they all have good labs, great results with eye appointments and ultrasounds and all learn to take an "easy to wash" bottle. You are doing such an amazing job with all 7 of your children - you are such a wonderful mom. Big hugs to you and your family Krista! love, Cinda


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