September 23, 2012

Isabella Comes Home: We Are A Family Of Nine!

The day has finally come. We are a family of nine and we are all under one roof! I knew there was a possibility that Isabella would come home today because her feeding tube has been out for a couple of days and today was day seven on her brady (heart rate drop) count but when I called to check on her last night she had lost weight (7gms) for the second night in a row and she was very sleepy during feeds. I told Paul I didn't think Isabella would be coming home because of these two things. I called around ten Friday morning and was so excited when the Dr told me to "come get your child". He later called me and told me he was comfortable sending her home because there was nothing they were doing for her in the nicu that I couldn't do at home. I am already supplementing with two feedings a day of higher calorie formula with the other kiddos so he said with those extra calories she should do just fine. Her last two days have been strictly breast milk so these two feedings should have her gaining appropriate weight.
Isabella...time to go home little love.
I meet Paul and the older kids at the hospital after they got back into town from a birthday party. I cried the entire way to the hospital because I couldn't believe the day had finally come...all four of my babies were coming home. I felt I could breath. We were done with the pregnancy, they arrived safely, and the nicu journey was now complete. It was now time to just be a family. You should have seen the looks of amazement I got pushing two double snap n' go's into the hospital. I even had the secretary from labor and delivery follow me because she wanted to see all four babies. Since this was now our fourth discharge from the same unit it did not take long which was a good thing because we had a schedule to keep!

I love it and they are all mine!!

Time to get our new van
Paul had an errand to make on the way home so I arrived first and had all four kids in the house, out of car seats, and their milk warming when Paul got home. It was now time to feed four kiddos and we had all four feed and burped in 25 minutes. It was awesome. And little Isabella had no problem finishing 45ml's which was more than she had been taking all day. She just needed to be with her sister and brothers. We got in a nice family dinner before it was bath time for all. We have now finished the 8:00 feeding, older kids are asleep in their beds., babies are asleep in their cribs/rockers and Paul and I are relaxing with our iPads. Life is good!! Now to go get laundry folded and switched from washer to dryer before the next feed at 10:30 and then  it's bed time for mommy and daddy.

All bathed and ready to eat
We want to thank everyone for being on this journey with us. We couldn't have done it without all the prayers and support we got from everyone. I will continue to update the blog as often as I can but don't be surprised if there is a week without a post for a little while. We are a little bit busy around our home. I will try to post pictures every couple of days just to keep everyone satisfied.
The Lesnau's
Good night Natalie, Aubrey, Drew, Kenzie, Isabella, Tate, & Rylan and don't let the bug bed bites. We love you all with a cherry on top.


  1. Thanks for the update. Your family is so special and I love you guys!!!

  2. I love this!!! They just look amazing Krista, and you guys look so happy! Congrats!!

  3. I am sooo beyond impressed. A family of nine - and an amazing one at that! You've got this!

  4. Congratulations Lesnau family! I remember how scared you were back in the day and now look! They are all home! xoxo

  5. What a wonderful sight to see you all together:)))) It brings joy to all of us reading your blog. You are doing such a beautiful job, remember to look back on the days of celebration when the water get a little rough. Sending lots of love your way!

  6. SO glad for you and that everyone is home, Krista!!! What a great feeling when all are home and nobody is at the nicu any more. Sounds like you are highly efficient so far! It still seems to take us way longer to feed and change all but we will get there. Enjoy having all 9 settle into a new routine! Hugs!


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