September 09, 2012

Happy One Month

During my entire pregnancy I had such a hard time dreaming about what it would be like with four more babies. Mainly because I didn't know if we were adding boys or girls to the family and how many of each. I refused to allow myself to dream one way because I didn't want to have my hopes up and then be let down when my dreams weren't reality. And can I tell you how happy I am that I didn't get all caught up in the "perfect" scenario because what Paul and I have been blessed with far exceeds anything we could have imagined.
Daddy is only missing Kenzie who was still eating

Isabella and daddy in deep discussion

Tate all snuggled in and content
My peanut Kenzie. You were described as feisty within a couple hours of birth. You may be little but you are a strong willed little girl. I don't think we will ever be able to tell you no because you will just show us that yes you can do it. I am so amazed by you. You love to cuddle and I love our time together.
Kenzie and Tate (the peanut and the biggest)
Isabella you continue to be so easy going. I seldom hear you cry. But girl you continue to be so unlady like with the noises that come out of your bottom and the smell that follows. I think you will always have your bottom smeared in Burt's Bees just to give it a fresher smell! When you look around you have a glisten to your eyes and you are absolutely beautiful. You the most willing to share your smile with us and I believe you may even have a dimple on your right cheek.
Our first picture of all four together. Rylan thinks it's very overrated

Kenzie with the most adorable smile!

Pure Love
Tate, or as dad calls you Brutus. You are a spitting imagine of your big brother Drew. Even the way you sleep with both arms stretched above your head. I can wrap you like a burrito and in no time you have found a way to wiggle free. You love to eat and always wake 30 minutes before its your time. I am guessing you will always make the first round of feeds at home. You must have read the chapter that the early bird gets the worm!
Tate Richard
My little Rylan. You will always have a soft spot in my heart after the night we had with you when you were 24 hours old. Dad and I don't talk about that night very often because we both get very emotional thinking about how helpless we were as parents to help you. It is so true that a parent would give their own life for their child. You have amazed everyone with how well you have done. Your hair is amazing and people are always commenting on it but my favorite thing about you are your eyes. They just draw mommy in. You love to look around and we will often find you looking around in your crib even up to an hour after your feeding.
Rylan James
The four of you complete our family. God has given me the one thing I have wanted the most in life and that is to be a mommy. Thank you to all seven of my children for making that dream come true. Happy one month to the most amazing quads out there. Mom and dad love you so much and we can not wait to continue this journey with you.

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  1. Gosh- they are so adorable! This post almost had me in tears with the words you shared. How amazing- you are blessed.


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