August 09, 2012

Week 31 & Admitted

Wow....all I can say is today has been a roller coaster of emotions. We had our weekly appointment today and again cervix, heart rates and fluids were all excellent. Then it was time to check on our little peanut. He/she did grow the last two weeks and now weighed 2lb10oz which we were happy about but she is still small for her age. The blood flow from the placenta to the baby also looked a little worse. The doctor said its time to weigh our options and the health of Baby A is our primary concern right now. His recommendation was delivery within the next three days but would leave it up to the doctor who was covering in high risk maternity. (Our group has four doctors. There is always one in the office and another one at the hospital. The hospital and clinic are across the street from each other.) We left he clinic with orders to check in at the hospital. Paul asked if I wanted a wheelchair and I told him no. It was so nice out and felt good just to be walking. 

So the time has admission and we are looking at celebrating some birth days this weekend. I can't believe we are at the end of this pregnancy journey. The emotions came..ecstatic that we are meeting our kiddos, guilt that I couldn't give them more time, failure of my own goals, and frustrated because I am not ready to not be pregnant. I told the neonatologist that it is hard because I don't feel crappy. It would be easier to say deliver because I want to be done but I still feel good and know I could go longer. I was able to talk the doctor into ordering another dose of steriods since my last dose was at 27 weeks. These steroids are not for muscle mass but for lung development. I got my first dose at noon and will get the second half 24 hours later. Paul's dad quickly changed his arrival time from tomorrow morning to tonight because we had no idea when delivery would take place and we didn't want him to miss it by a couple if hours. He left his house within 15 minutes of finding out i had been admitted. Only a man could pack that fast!

Fast forward four hours and we finally see our second doctor of the day. The doctor that is on for the next six days is the most cautious one of the group. She explained that Baby A is still showing signs of doing ok. Fluid level looks great, baby did grow, and no drops in heart rate with any contractions. Yes blood flow not the greatest but also not showing any reverse blood flow which is a much more dangerous situation than what our baby is showing. She wants me to keep a low profile and recheck the blood flow study in a day or two. This will allow the steroids to have time to work and give as much benefit as possible to the babies. The doctor explained that sometimes by keeping that low profile and then rechecking the blood flow in a couple days they see some improvement and can give the babies a couple extra days to a week in side mom.

We are doing well with this ride. Emotions are high but we just want what is best for these kiddos. And selfishly I really didn't want to share my anniversary tomorrow even though Paul thought the birthdate of 08/10/12 would be awesome. I just knew that if we shared an anniversary with four birthdays we would never get to go out to celebrate ever again!! Call me selfish but I don't care! We will continue to keep everyone up to date on the blog but please know that once these "littles" are born it may take a minute or two to get pictures up. We have had people ask what we need help with and right now we are good. The kids are being loved and spoiled my grandpa and grandma, I am being well cared for by Paul, my mom and my sister. The only thing we ask for is your prayers. Please pray that baby A continues to show no distress and we can avoid an emergency run to the OR, that the doctors have the wisdom they need to make the right decision for our babies, and that Paul and I will have a sense of peace and calmness over he next couple of days as we are so close to meeting our children. I can't believe it's real and it's happening to us! God is so very good and we are so thankful for His strength and guidance during this journey.
Week 31...will we see week 32?!?


  1. Lots of prayers for your family, and especially baby A! I definitely understand all of the crazy emotions that go along with not being any where near ready to deliver, but 31 weeks is absolutely amazing, you have done such an amazing job carrying your littles! And I just don't understand how you look that good doing it, you look great!

  2. WOW...prayers are heading straight to all of you. I cannot wait to hear the news and most of all that you are all safe and healthy and happy. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. It all happens so quickly doesn't it? Great job getting them so far, Mama! I can't wait for updates and pictures. Rest well!

  4. Congratulations on the arrival of the Littles! Looks like you were right about baby's A & C! Can't wait to hear their names. Here is to a short NICU stay for everyone. Continued prayers from the East Coast of Canada!


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