August 03, 2012

Week 30- Second big goal!

We are so blessed to have hit the 30 week mark. Knowing that we have made it this far has allowed us to breathe just a little easier but I'm still pushing forward and pray that we can allow at least another two weeks before we become the parents to seven kiddos!
Week 30
This week has been far the most demanding physically. Emotionally I am doing well even with being on stricter bed rest. My body is getting tired. Every ounce of energy I have is consumed by these "littles". I measured my belly this morning and I am 45" around at my belly button while standing! They are heavy and every position change is an Olympic sport in itself. Last Sunday I woke up and there must have been a massive growth spurt overnight because apparently the stretch marks from the girls was not a large enough geographical map so it was added to. Along with this came some very annoying itching. The doctors wanted to make sure my liver was still functioning adequately with all the extra work it is doing so labs were ordered (a sign of a liver not working effectively is itching because the bile salts accumulate in your body and excrete through ones skin). All labs came back normal thankfully so the itching is here until the tummy stops stretching which I guess will be at delivery! My body may be getting worn out from this pregnancy but I told Paul I'm not ready by any means to throw in the towel. I told him I still have 2-4 weeks in me. He looked at me and said, "really four?" He may not have that long in him but a momma will do whatever she needs to do for her babies.

Today at our appointment my best friend, a.k.a my cervix, continued to measure 3.7cm. The doctor said he wants to transplant my cervix to others he is seeing! He also said they are done checking my cervix because it's not going to do anything. My uterus is so stretched at this point that if my cervix hasn't changed yet it's not going to. He also wanted to make sure we really wanted my tubes tied. Even though my body apparently handles pregnancies well I don't think mentally I could handle another one at this point and knowing our luck we would get pregnant within a year! I am thrilled that my cervix is holding and that the increased contractions I am having is just from a very upset uterus. She is not smiling at me at this point! The contractions are not painful but since my uterus goes from my diaphragm to my pubic bone my breath is taken away with each one. Breathing normally is not an issue and I only get winded if I talk on the phone to long.

So now that the cervix looks all fine and dandy we can talk about the problem child, Baby A. Our little peanut needs a little extra monitoring to make sure she is behaving. All fluid levels and heart beats looked great today. They were also all moving around but anyone can see that with a naked eye by just looking at my tummy. A Doppler was done on Baby A's umbilical cord and again resistance was seen but was no worse than last week. There is also no reverse blood flow which is great. We will now be starting non-stress test (nst's) each week on Baby A to make sure she's not in any distress. Our first one will be Monday morning so please pray over the weekend that Baby A has a great performance. I will be eating a nice sugary breakfast on our way down to help be extra active! We were also told that they may hospitalize me at any time to keep a close eye on these kiddos. I told him I have no problem with this and if today was the day for admission I was totally fine with it. He said he was okay for today but to have a bag packed and with me at each appointment.

After our doctor visit Paul and I snuck in a quick lunch date before I resumed my bed rest position. It was so nice to be out and enjoy some really yummy P.F. Chang's. We again tried to narrow the name list to our top favorites in each category but the conversation halted when Paul looked at me and said, "we don't need to name them right away do we?" So end of discussion on that topic. These kids will eventually end up with names but until we know the mix it's just to dang hard to narrow them down!

So for now another weekend at home and I couldn't be any more excited because my massage therapist, also family friend, is coming tomorrow morning to our house! She's got some work cut out for herself and my hips are begging to be stretched. I will post another update Monday, hopefully from home. I gotta stay pregnant til at least August 10th. Our ten year anniversary and Paul's dad arrives from MN. So no babies allowed until then!!
Someone needs a brother in a big way. And yes his toes are painted! That's what mommas on bed rest do to their sons!!


I often wonder if the "littles" will all be as close as these two or will they pair off.

A girl can never have too many accessories.


  1. baby A is a shee?!?!?!?!?!

    1. No!! Mothers instinct and better than "it".

  2. Way to o, Krista! Over 30 weeks is great! If anyone can go 4 more, it's you.

  3. Krista, SO GLAD you made it so far to 30 weeks! And I believe you can go another 4! I felt I could have, too, had we had to evacuate early because of my stinker baby C! You are doing such a great job for your babies. Every day they can stay in you is awesome. I will keep up the prayers for baby A and the others, too! And again, SO PROUD of you!!!


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