August 18, 2012

Wednesday, August 15 (Day 6)

We started off today with Rylan going to the OR to have a bronch done to take a look at his airway. This would tell us if there was any actual narrowing of his trachea or if it was a webbing that caused all the trouble the other night. Mom and dad got up there just in time to say good bye. You looked so peaceful because you had just gotten pain meds and sedation because you had been trying to pull your tube out all by yourself. You also got switched over to the regular vent and off the jet and were tolerating it really well. 
Rylan on his way to the OR

All tucked in for his first road trip
You were down in surgery for about 20 minutes when we heard you were on your way back. Dr. Evans came and spoke to us and told us that they found absolutely nothing. You had no stenosis and no more evidence of webbing. Mom and dad were so happy. We can't wait to get our little man off the vent. Your received a paralytic during your bronch so that they could really get a good look so we just have to wait for you to wake up. 

Kenzie: I think you have this thinking that if you just keep exceeding expectations you can come home as soon as you check things off your list. You have tolerated your feeds and are now increasing feeds by 1ml every feed. Your iv was being weaned off but then it wasn't looking good so your nurse just took it out. You are almost a free girl! During our snuggle time today I wanted to see if you would nurse at all. You, my little 2.5lb peanut, did amazing. I used a nipple shield to make it easier for you and you nursed for about twenty minutes. You were pulling milk in and were totally coordinated. You are simply something else. You are still on your bili lights but should be off tomorrow. You started PT today and everything looked good. 

Isabella: You are not far behind your sister. Your bili lights came off today. Your iv fluids are being weaned and got shut of about an hour early because you pulled your iv out all by yourself. You love looking around. If someone is by your isolette and you are sleeping you immediately open your eyes. You have the darkest hair of anyone. I tried nursing you twice but you had no interest. We will just keep on trying. Your auntie Nicole and uncle Jess came by this evening and held you. Your godfather is very smitten with you. I think he has fallen for you hard! 
No more bcpap for Isabella!

Isabella and Auntie

Isabella and her Godfather Jess
 Tate: you are so easy going. You don't like getting your diaper changed but as soon as it is done you are content. You were a little spitty this morning and had some residual in your tummy so your feeds are being held at 16ml every 3 hours. You had PT today and did fabulous. Your hips looked great and worked out well but were very tired afterwards. We attempted to nurse but you just wanted to snuggle. You were a glow worm today so you finally got your bili lights. I only held you once because I wanted to keep you under the bili lights as much as possible. 

We left around nine. Dad still isn't feeling great yet so he came and saw you but did no touching or holding. It's hard on mom when he can't hold you. He is missing out so much on some awesome snuggles. After dinner we came in to tuck you all in and they were just getting ready to extubate Rylan! We wanted you to fly so bad. Dad stepped out because he couldn't handle it if you didn't do well. Mom was at your side and was holding your hands down because you were not happy. They pulled your tube and placed you on bcpap. Your sats only dropped to 89%. You were pissed and were trying to hit anyone you could. Mom brought get your hands to midline and just held you as much as possible. I also started singing songs and you immediately calmed down. I was so happy that you were tolerating the bcpap. I went and got dad and he came in to see you. We then went and tucked everyone in and came back to you. You were breathing well and asleep. I felt comfortable going to bed but made sure the nurse knew to call me with any change. 

Love you my little peanuts. See you in the morning...

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