August 27, 2012

Monday, August 27

Wow, I can not believe we are almost at the end of August. I find myself getting more and more anxious that September is coming and we are not even close to bringing anyone home. I want it to happen like yesterday! The worst part of my day is each night when I go to bed and have to set my alarm to pump. Each night I have to change to another day and for some reason I hate knowing that my babies are getting older and that someone else is taking care of them at night. I HATE the nicu journey. I know the kids are not even three weeks and were only 31 weekers but I want my babies home. 

Okay moving on from my soap box!!! The kids really are doing fabulous. They all continue to gain weight. Tate is hitting the scales at 4lbs10oz which is a whole pound heavier than Isabella and Rylan who are very close in size. They are so close to being able to wean to an open crib. I do think Tate may get just a little extra loving because he is so accessible in his open crib. Kenzie is also gaining weight but remains the peanut at 2lbs10oz but she doesn't let her size slow her down.
Aubrey and Rylan

Rylan saying hi
The whole family went to visit and the babies are going to be very use to the noise level of our house well before they get home. The girls love their siblings and want to be holding someone at all times. They also would love if they could feed and change them but we are leaving those tasks to mom and dad at this time. Drew is content to sit in the oversize rocker and play on the ipad. During our time there today I got to bottle feed everyone and then also nurse Tate. Rylan gets the award for being the first one to finish his bottle. You did awesome and mommy and daddy were so proud of you. Tate you didn't quite finish your bottle but you did take the same amount as Rylan. You get an extra 7ml per each feed and that is what you did not finish so it went in via your tube. Isabella you still have no clue what to do with a bottle in your mouth so you got a big fat zero with your bottle feed. It's time for that light bulb to click on Isabella! And Kenzie you start out so well on your bottle but tire very easily. You did take 10ml which is about half of your feed. 
Drew content with his ipad

Tate during his bottle feed
We left early today. Dad came home to get the older kids down for nap so he could get some work done. Mom stayed awhile longer but then headed home and actually laid down for thirty minutes and it felt so good. We then took Natalie and Aubrey to their last gymnastics class for awhile. With the babies coming home sometime this next month we have to try and keep as many of the germ bugs out of our house as possible. So no extra activities for the older kids until after RSV season is done in April. The girls understand why they can't get the babies sick so they had no complaints being done with gymnastics. They have been so amazing during all of this and I am so proud of them for being the kids that they are.


  1. Wow! Your babies look great. I am praying for their speedy NICU graduation. We continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. xo, The Burns Family

  2. Oh how I relate! I feel so done with the nicu thing, but know we have more to come before it is all over. Thank goodness they are feeder growers not sick babies!


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