August 21, 2012

Tuesday, August 21

This morning the end of our nicu stay seemed like a very small light at the end of the tunnel. I know it hasn't even been two weeks but its hard to leave you at night and then to know I am leaving your older siblings at home so I can come and try to hold and love you all equally before I am pulled in another direction. I truly believe this nicu stay is harder emotionally than it will be when we bring you home. Yes it will be full on chaos and very tired parents but you will all be under our roof.
Kenzie Rae
Today's big news in quadville was that everyone but Isabella is now off caffeine. Hoping that your A&B's don't increase over the next couple of days. Every time you have one it extends your stay by seven days which is a full week which is a very long time for mom. Luckily we have a couple weeks before you figure out eating so hopefully a heart rate drop isn't what keeps you in the nicu. Everyone but Rylan is now at 24 calorie/oz breast milk so now the bulking up can begin. Rylan you will be getting fortifier soon but they are still increasing your feeds rather quickly so they don't want to stress your gut too much. You did get your iv out today so that means all four of you are iv free. Yahoo!! Kenzie you got a new antibiotic for your thrush which should help clear it up sooner. Rylan we tried your first bottle today and you had a great pretend suck! You took a whole 3mls. You got a long ways to go little man. Isabella I also bottle fed you and you took 12ml and were doing fabulous until you decided it would be more rewarding to poop than eat. I nursed Kenzie and Tate and you both nursed for about five minutes. 
Isabella Lynn
We were going to start working on getting you to the hospital mommy works at which would be awesome because it is a five minute drive from our house instead of a thirty to forty minute drive but because three of you have MRSA and they are not sure how it was spreading through the nicu we have to stay put. I am hoping they can come up with a plan because I can not imagine another month of driving so far to see you. They will reculture tomorrow and we will get results on Friday to see if you all still are colonized. Praying for a miracle so that we can start getting you closer so we can visit you more frequently throughout the day.
Tate Richard who always has his hands up at his face
Sleep tight my little loves. I came home early to spend time with the olders and I was able to give them a bath for the first time in months. Probably since June and it was so nice to wash their hair and brush their teeth. Its those little things that mommas take for granted and I am so glad that I can start doing them again. See you four in the morning. Grandpa and grandma are coming with me to give you some loving.
Rylan James


  1. Praying for all to eat and grow well!

    Your friend in Nova Scotia

  2. I just realized that you had more posts to read! I just finished and I am filled with so many emotions. So happy to see your beautiful babies little faces! They are all so adorable! And all that hair on their heads is so cute!
    Thinking of you often. You are wonderwoman! XOXO

  3. Krista,
    I pray for you guys daily. I remember so clearly the roller coaster in the NICU. Although Zachary was only in for 14 days it is something I'll never forget. I hope they continue to tolerate feedings. Zac was like Rylan in that he assisted the staff in removing IVs & feeding tubes. His feistiness landed him IVs in his scalp rather than arms/legs(which was heartbreaking to see). Rodney like Paul could not take being there the day they reinserted his tubes that he (Zac) was sure needed to be removed. I can not imagine having four at the same time in the NICU. I give you props I remember by day 14 I was contemplating walking out with Zac if he did not pass his carseat test. I pray for the continued growth of the littles & the emotional strength of the rest of you to weather the storm. I am shipping a box to you guys with alot of preemie-on up to 3/6mo jammies etc. I hope you are able to use them.
    Take care
    Amy Lesnau
    Take care


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