August 18, 2012

Tuesday, August 14 (Day 5)

Today was another good day. Daddy left for work around six this morning so it was just the babes and I. I woke around 8:30 did the whole pump/shower/get ready act and then I had to wait for my meds. I got a new roommate last night and this morning she asked if I had already had my baby and I said yes. She asked what I had and I said two girls and two boys. She then started going off. "Oh my I can't believe your the quad mom. I have never met anyone with quads. The only place I have ever seen quads is on Maurie Povach. I have to call my mom she is not going to believe it". I was dying inside! I was being compared to someone on a talk show that is not reality!! What I found even funnier is that she is expecting triplets. 

I got my iv meds and then it was time to go get my snuggles on. I was able to hold all the kiddos today except my little Rylan. There is nothing better than that hour or so I get to love on the kiddos. 
Mommy and Isabella
Today's highlights are: 

Kenzie: You got put back on your bili lights today after your bili rebounded this morning. Hopefully your lab will be better tomorrow and you can get all snuggled up. You don't like to stay bundled but instead have your arms and legs stretched everywhere in your isolette. You continue to be vocal when you don't care for things. You have tolerated your increase in feeds. 

Isabella: You came off your bcpap and have done fabulous. Your bilirubin is still high so you are still sunbathing. You have tolerated your feeds and are now getting 8ml every feeding and that goes up 1ml every other feed. 

Tate: You have maintained your temp with your clothes on and your isolette hood open. Your feeds increase by 2ml every other feed. When mom held you today I was able to put you to breast. You latched on a couple times and I felt my milk let down and saw milk run out of your mouth. I was so happy to be able to nurse you and can't wait until you all are nursing.
Tate all snuggled in
Rylan: Another good day. Surgery is planned for tomorrow at 10:15. You will be getting a bronch to see how your trachea is looking. If your airway doesn't look great or your chest X-ray shows that you are not ready to come off the vent you will be reintubated and left on the jet. We are praying that your bronch goes well and that your airway will look perfect. We can't wait for you to get off the ventilator and back on to bcpap. You did get your chest tube out today and that made mommy very happy. I also got to change your diaper for the first time today and got to do it twice! You are not happy with wet pants. You still have the bili lights too. Can't wait until I can hold you...mommy is so ready for that moment. 

I was discharged today and will be staying in the rv. Wish we were closer to home so I could go home at night but I don't want to waste the time driving the 30 minutes and also Natalie, Aubrey and Drew are all sick. I can not get sick right now so I can not even stop at home. Dad did go home and the girls both were a mess of tears. Aubrey threw herself on the couch and buried her head and cried. Paul then called me to call them and I was crying too. I know this moment in time is short and they won't remember it but it is hard when a momma is not able to care for all her children at the same time. We have plans for a lunch date with the older kids on Thursday and then hoping they can come down to see the babies on Friday.

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