August 23, 2012

Thursday, August 23: Two weeks old

It is amazing how I can fall in love with you more and more each day. You are becoming little people right in front of our eyes. We catch your eyes open more and all of you love to look around. Sometimes you are so busy looking at the world around you that you can't focus at the task at like nursing or bottle feeding! We also catch the most adorable little smiles and they just melt our hearts. Daddy and I often look at you and wonder which two of you were non-viable according to the fertility clinic? We are so glad we put all of you back because I just can't imagine not having all of you.

So yesterday morning we found out that we would after all be able to transfer you to the hospital mommy works at and that is so much closer to home. At first we thought that only one of you would go first because of space issues but then yesterday afternoon we found out that Kenzie and Tate would be able to go today. I was beyond excited that at least two of you would be together at both hospitals because I don't want any of you alone. So today Kenzie made the adventure first because she likes to try everything before everyone else! She had her first ambulance ride but no lights or sirens for the peanut. I was told she did not like the sun and squinted her eyes together as tight as possible. After Kenzie got checked into her new home it was Tate's turn. He apparently did not like the bumpy interstate so we will see what he thinks of his vibrating bouncy chair once we get home. We were thinking it may take a couple of days to get the other two here but it sounds like it could be happening in the next day or two. I couldn't be happier. It was a little more emotional than I thought it would be leaving two of my kids at one hospital to go visit my other two at a different one. The tears do tend to flow a lot easier these days than they ever have before! We have loved the care we have received at Memorial and will miss some of our favorite nurses. Hopefully we will be able to visit them once we are all home and not quarantined during the winter for RSV season.

Kenzie getting ready to transfer

Kenzie's first mode of transportation. She apparently likes all the bells and whistles!

Tate getting taken to his ride
Tate getting all buckled in
Kenzie: you still have your moments that you let people know when you want things done another way but you are also the one that loves to snuggle. It is so fun to do skin to skin with you because you curl up in a little froggy position and rest right on mommy. You now get 25ml of breast milk at each feed. We are attempting one to two bottle feeds per day and nursing too. You have officially gone over your birth weight and are at 2lbs8oz.
Kenzie in her new home

Isabella: you are a very calm child. Not much bothers you. You have done fairly well on your bottle attempts but could care less about nursing. You love to smile and are always giving them out. You look like your big sister Aubrey. You are taking 35ml of breast milk with each feed. Your a&b's have improved but you usually like to have at least one a day for excitement. Can't wait to get you back with Kenzie and Tate. 

Tate: you continue to be the biggest at 4lbs4oz. It is amazing how much you look like your brother Drew. You have the blondest eyebrows. You get 42ml with each feed. You took 15ml from your bottle today. I wouldn't be surprised if you are the first baby home. You are also very calm except when it is time to eat or get your diaper changed. You do not like to be naked. You are one of the more sleepy babies. 
Mini Drew (Tate)

A tired little boy
Rylan: it is amazing how quickly you have caught up with your siblings. About three days ago you really started looking even better. Your skin coloring has improved so much and you no longer look worn out. You have periods of being very awake. You get 34ml for each feeding and you are still working on getting your calories up to 24cal/oz. Your retractions with activity also really improved about two days ago. We now just need you to start putting weight on. 
Rylan doing his many stretches throughout the day
 You have all started physical therapy and so far nothing is setting off red flags and we hope that continues. You are also all being treated with an antibiotic ointment that is swabbed into your nares to hopefully decolonize your MRSA since now you all have it after Rylan tested positive for it today too. You will be getting that for the next seven days. 

I love you my sweet children. I can't believe you came into our life 2 weeks ago today. The time is flying. I am going to say hurry up and grow and get bigger so you can come home but then please slow down and be my babies as long as possible. I know I will miss this stage so much once it's over. I will try and remember that when I am sleep deprived and all four of you are screaming at once and your older brother and sisters are acting out!!
A very proud mommy and Kenzie

A good night kiss for all seven of my babies


  1. They certainly are beautiful babies! Are any of them identical?

  2. I am working tonight and tomorrow! I will see them (and you) soon!

  3. So great to see all the progress! Praying the babies reunite soon!


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