August 21, 2012

Sunday, August 19

We went to church today and it was so nice to be able to go as a family since it has been five weeks since I have been able to go since I was on bed rest before delivery. It was also great because it gave me over an hour to cuddle with my big girls. It's been a longtime since I have been able to do that in mass because it was always uncomfortable to have them leaning against by belly as it got bigger and bigger.
Dad then took mom to her last infusion appointment and all I can say is thank goodness that is done because four different ivs in the last five days has been more than enough! I then finally got up to the nicu around 3:30. I was so ready to see you. Daddy went to nap hang out in the rv because he still has a tiny cough. You all had a good morning. The only backslide we took today was Rylan you had increased residuals when it came time to feed you so they took out your fortifier and you were tolerating it much better. You still have your iv of TPN and lipids until they get your feeds up a little more. The other three got the fortifier put back in and you tolerated it well all day. Rylan you nursed for about seven minutes and had milk in the shield when you were done. Tate you also nursed for about 15 minutes and actually had milk running out of your mouth!

Rylan smiling in dream land
This evening grandpa and grandma brought down your brother and sisters. They were so excited to see you again. They all held Isabella and then Tate. Your sisters are going to be your second and third mommies. They did so good with you and wanted to know when you guys could play. Rylan we kept you in your isolette because I had already held you for the day and you still show some distress when handled. And Kenzie we didn't let the girls hold you either because you are so tiny and I don't want you burning extra need to use them  to grow so we can get you home.

Aubrey & Isabella

Natalie & Isabella

Grandma & Isabella

Grandpa & Isabella
You are all on vitamin D and everyone but Rylan is on caffeine to help with you apnea and bradys (preemies often forget to breath and then their heart rates drop). It sounds like Kenzie will also be coming off her caffeine soon because it's been a while since she has had any A&B's. We also are so happy that all of your head ultrasounds came back with no evidence of head bleeds which are more common in preemies under 32 weeks. You all do have small PDA's in your heart with Isabella's being the largest. Isabella is the only one we still hear a heart murmur on. No one is showing symptoms with your PDA's so a follow up echo will be done before discharge to check them. Most often they will close on their own.
The girls & Tate

Aubrey & Isabella

Grandma & Drew Bear

Drew & Isabella
I left with your siblings and we went out for pizza. The girls wanted to know why we couldn't bring you home yet? They said they don't care if your small and they reminded me that Tate does drink from a bottle. Those two don't forget anything!! We are all so excited for the day we can start bringing you home. You are all loved so very much.
Grandpa, the olders and Isabella

The girls and Tate

Grandma & Tate
See you in the morning and I promise to hold you tomorrow Kenzie and Isabella. This mommy definitely does not have enough hours in the day!

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