August 18, 2012

Saturday, August 18

Another great day in the nicu. The only hard part is dad still has a tiny cold that just won't give up. He has not held anyone since day 2 when he held Kenzie after her bath. He hasn't even been in to see you for the last couple of days. He wants to hold you so badly and mom wants company! 

When I walked in I was so happy because all my kiddos were in the same room and on the intermediate care side. We are progressing! By the end of the day all four of the babies were in the same pod. All my babies are back together. 

Kenzie you had a great day. Tolerating your feeds. Cuddle time with mom but no interest in nursing. Your temp is stable in your isolette. You did have to go back to just plain breast milk because you didn't tolerate the fortifier. 
Tate & Isabella reunited for a brief moment while Kenzie got a new bed
Isabella you also had a good day. A little spitty but not bad. Your fortifier also got taken out of your milk. The nurses had mixed a whole bunch of milk with fortifier and once they realized you weren't tolerating it they had to toss it because it expired before it could be used by Rylan who is tolerating the fortifier. I don't even want to know how much they tossed because it makes me so sad because that was hard work getting you that milk. 

Tate you made it out of your isolette into an open crib for about 18 hours before you got too cold and had to be put back into an isolette. You also became more spitty this afternoon but hopefully it was because you were working so hard to keep warm. Your iv is being weaned so once we can get your feeds up your iv will come out. 
Tate in his open crib

Tate back in his isolette all nice and cozy warm
Rylan it is so nice to see you out of B room. You are so much more awake and alert today. We tried nursing but you would latch but no interest in sucking. It was just so awesome to hold you again. Even auntie Nicole got to hold you. 
Rylan wide awake when I walked in this morning

Rylan James

All tucked in for the night
I made it through last night at home away from you guys with only calling once to check on you. I am going to go home again tonight so that I can go to church but I will be back in the afternoon with hopefully you dad, brother and sisters. We need to all be together as a family for a little bit.


  1. So glad to see the babies are doing well and progressing, hoping Dad and the big kids get better soon. Praying for you all.

  2. I'm loving all of these updates Krista! You're such a strong momma and you've got strong babies on your hands too! I think of you guys often and can't wait to see more progression with the kiddos, they're doing great so far!

  3. Your babies look great Krista! Many good thoughts coming our way. ;). My kiddos and I have been praying for you and your little ones. XO, The Burns Family

  4. Loved the updates Krista! Babies are beautiful and you are glowing! Miss you and can't wait to meet the babies! xoxo

  5. Precious babies and such proud parents! You all are doing great, loving the updates!! Prayers for you as you balance your newfound role as a beautiful mom of 7. :)


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