August 18, 2012

Saturday, August 11: What's in a name?

Last night after we got back to the room it was time to get serious about giving you all names. Baby D had been decided on so one name down. 

Baby A our little feisty peanut. You are Kenzie Rae. I have liked the name Kenzie for a while and when we were pregnant we knew that if we had a little girl her name would be Kenzie. At first we thought Baby B would be Kenzie because when we would think about that name during pregnancy we kept imagining a spunky little girl like Aubrey and Baby B looked very much like Aubrey when she was first born according to dad and the grandma's but very quickly all the nurses would describe Baby A as a very feisty vocal girl. So mom and dad knew you were Kenzie. Rae is mommy's middle name. 
Kenzie Rae Lesnau
Baby B it took us the longest to name you because you were on bubbles the longest and so we never got a good look at you. We kept going through the girl names we had picked out while you were in my belly but none of them seemed to fit. My nurse that cared for me after birth was named Izobella and I reminded dad how that was one of the names we liked early on. He liked the name Gabby but neither of us cared for Gabriella and dad also liked Emma but it wasn't one of my favorites. I told dad it was up to him to name you. On one of our visits to see you he looked at me and said she is Isabella Lynn. Your middle name is after Grandma Lynn. The name totally fits you. 
Isabella Lynn Lesnau
Baby C you were pretty easy to name. We had the names Tate and Tegan picked out as mom's favorites but you just did not seem like a Tegan once we met you. You were a Tate from the beginning. You are only 4lbs but you are robust like your brother Drew and the one syllable name was perfect for you. Your middle name is Richard after your daddy (dads middle name) and your Grandpa Richard. So you my love are Tate Richard. 
Tate Richard Lesnau
Baby D we already know you are Rylan James. I have always liked the name Ryan but it is your uncle's name so we couldn't use it. When I first got pregnant I ran across the name Rylan and knew it was perfect. Mom and dad had also talked about using the name James after mom's uncle Jim because if one of our sons could grow up to be like him we would be so proud. Rylan you have proven to us that you are just as strong as the namesake you are named after. 
Rylan James Lesnau
 During the day we got to introduce you by name to your Grandpa & Grandma Knapek, your Grandpa & Grandma Lesnau and your Grandpa & Grandma Parsoneault. Now the hardest part is remembering which baby got which name and it will take me a while to get use to saying all of my children's names in a row. 

Rylan update: After your morning chest exam it was noted that you pneumo was worse on your left side so a new chest tube was placed. Your X-ray is not great. You are a sick little guy. When the new doctor of the day came on she decided your poor lungs needed a rest. You were on the traditional vent but it can be kind of rough on your fragile lungs so you were placed on the jet vent. This type of vent delivers about 420 puffs of air per minute. You look worn out but comfortable. You are being given Fentanyl and Ativan to keep you as comfortable as possible. It's amazing how much better you looked today than yesterday.

This morning mom also got to hold Tate and Kenzie skin to skin. There is just nothing better and I still haven't figured out how you all fit into my tummy! 
Daddy changing his first diaper with Tate

Mommy and Tate

Mommy and Kenzie

Kenzie not letting go of her mom

Kenzie wearing daddy's wedding ring
Everyone but Tate is on bili lights and everyone but Rylan are getting small amounts of moms milk down their feeding tubes. This evening mom and dad got to give Kenzie her first bath. Dad started and got as far as wiping your face and he handed the job over to mom. He did hold you skin to skin after your bath and you loved it. You held on to daddy with white knuckled fingers! 
Kenzie's first bath

Not enjoying her bath any longer!
 I am sore today because it was a long day with little rest and both mom and dad are still emotionally drained from yesterday's events. Hopefully we will both sleep well tonight.

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