August 21, 2012

Monday, August 20

I know you guys are doing so much but some days I feel like we are at a stand still. You are all doing amazing but you are just getting to an age where you can start maintaining your temp except for Kenzie who has some big time growing to do first before moving to an open crib. You are just at 32w2d and this is the time that a baby gets the suck/swallow coordination in utero but most babies don't take off eating until 35-37 weeks. It seems so far off before you will accomplish all of this and be able to come home. I love the time I get to spend with you in the nicu but I want you home with all of us.

The nicu you are staying at has a sudden out break in MRSA. It is a staph infection that is resistant to antibiotics. This strain of staph is found on the skin and mucous membranes. It is passed easily from one person to another and of course while you guys are in the nicu it has its first major outbreak. Even the sate is here. The entire nicu was tested last Thursday and everyone but Rylan is a carrier. The likely hood that you will show symptoms is small but why did my babies have to get this? So frustrating but things could be so much worse off. Kenzie also developed thrush and your poor little tongue is covered in white. Tonight when daddy was holding you you kept sticking your tongue out because I am sure it itches like crazy. You are on an antibiotic to help treat it so hopefully it will go away quickly. We also got some results from two of Rylan's head ultrasounds that is kind of scary for Paul and I. We are not going to go into detail until we get confirmation with a follow up head ultrasound in probably a month but we ask for prayers once again for our little Rylan that the results we received today are a false positive and that everything will be normal in a month.
Look mom...this stuff is no fun and my mouth itches like crazy
You all spent time with mom cuddling and working on nursing today. Our family friend Danette came to see you again along with Grandma Pat, Nicole & Jess. Kenzie you did a great job throwing up for Nicole. I think you scared her a little but I had warned her not to throw you around! I actually think your tummy was way to full because you had just eaten and then as soon as we put you back to bed you filled your pants. And talking about filling pants, Isabella you are no lady when it comes to diapers. Girl you stink up your isolette but I still love you.

Today they had you all lined up in a row and another mother had asked me if they were all mine. I said yes and she said congratulations. She then asked, "Boy and girl?" I said, "no two girls and two boys." She then looks further down the line and I nodded my head and said, "yes, they are all mine!" She then said congratulations about five times. I think she was speechless and I just smiled because I am still speechless when I look at all four of you and know that you are all coming home with me!!
All Mine!!!
Daddy finally got to come up and love on you this evening. He held Kenzie and Rylan. Kenzie your dad is smitten with you and Rylan I think daddy needed to hold you more than he realized. We are now off to spend the night in the trailer. Dad is off to work tomorrow since grandma and grandpa are still here. He needs to get some things done before they leave because then life is going to get crazy. Love you all. Mommy feels like the luckiest mom in the entire world!!
Daddy & Kenzie

Feisty little Kenzie


Rylan and a proud daddy

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