August 18, 2012

Monday, August 13

Today has been a great day. The kids are doing great and I finally feel like a mom to these babies. Kenzie has been our rockstar and continues to be our verbal, feisty girl. She is now off all breathing equipment and got rid of her bili lights today. She only has a cardiac monitor, an iv and a feeding tube. She is still very little so will remain in an isolette for a while. We can now hold her whenever we want! She is getting 4ml of moms milk every 3 hours and this will increase every six hours. 
Kenzie wondering what she has to do next to blow this pop stand

The first thing she needs to do is grow!! (All the kids feet got very bruised the day after delivery. We still don't know why.)

So tiny...
 Isabella is also doing well but still has her cpap with just a tad of oxygen. Her breathing as really improved in the last 24 hours and will probably be of her cpap in the next day or two. She is also still under her bili lights and is catching a tan in Maui. She is getting advanced feeds too. 

Isabella getting her tan on
Tate is running a race with Kenzie and is off everything too. He even got dressed today and mom started crying when she saw her little boy all snuggled up. He took his first bottle of 4 ml but will get a feeding tube as his feeds increase. We will try some recreational breast feeding this evening. He also may be moved to a crib tonight. 
My little man in his first outfit

Daddy and Tate
And last but he doesn't let us forget he is around is Rylan! He likes to throw us curve balls. He remains on the jet vent that gives him 420 puffs of air a minute. His lungs are still sick and we are not rushing him. He continues to have a chest tube and a iv line in his umbilical cord for fluids and antibiotics. He is also under bili lights. He does get to start feeds today and will get 3ml every three hours! The doctor hopes that some of his irritability is from being hungry because even with sedation and pain meds he still likes to get in the action. He's just trying to keep up with the others! When it comes time to extubate him it will be done in the OR and it is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday but it will be decided on how his lungs look over the next two days. 
My sick little guy

Auntie loving on her nephew
I am doing well, sore but I have not been the best patient about getting rest. I did allow myself a full three hour stretch of sleep last night and feel much better today. I may be discharged but we are trying to get me an extended stay because I still need to get iv meds everyday for the next week due to a bleeding disorder I have and by being at the hospital I am right down the hall from the kiddos. If I am discharged we will be camping in the parking lot in an rv to be close to the babies but especially Rylan. Our oldest are all battling colds and I am missing them like crazy but this momma can not get sick so the grandparents are subbing for us right now and are doing a great job. Paul has a sore throat today and is holding off on seeing the kids until he figures out where it's headed. He hates being down the hall from them and not being able to see them. Please pray that daddy starts feeling better so he can come get his snuggles on!!

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