August 24, 2012

Friday, August 24: Babies reunited & grandparents leave

This morning was a very busy morning because I had to first stop and drop off milk for Kenzie and Tate and give them a quick kiss. Then stopped by Starbucks for a passion fruit ice tea and a maple scone. Then I had to get downtown before ten to bring milk for Isabella and Rylan and get some cuddle time. Rylan you took 5ml from your bottle but enjoyed your skin to skin time much more. It was then Isabella's time to show us what she could do with the bottle and you did the exact same as your brother. You were so wide awake and I loved just talking with you. We then got word that there was room to move you both to the inn that your brother and sister were at. I think I was literally jumping out of my seat with excitement! You both came in the same ambulance and I was told that you kept kicking at each other during the ride.
Love seeing them together! (Isabella & Rylan)
It is so awesome to have you all back together even though you were separated for only 24 hours. The next time you leave the hospital it will be in your car seat heading for home. It's now time to get to work on that part!  Tate you took 10ml for  your nurse today from your bottle and then for me you nursed for about 10 minutes. You start off nursing just like your sister Natalie did. You cry very loudly at the beginning and turn all red and then decide that what I'm giving you is what you want! Kenzie you followed Rylan and Isabella and took 5ml of your bottle.

Today was the day that Grandma Lynn had to leave. She has been with us since the middle of June and we could not have made it as far into the pregnancy if she would not have put a whole summer on hold for us. It has been so amazing to be able to concentrate on my littlest loves during the last two weeks because I knew grandpa and grandma were taking excellent care of Natalie, Aubrey and Drew. Grandma Lynn thank you for everything you did for us this summer. Words can not express how much we appreciate everything you did. All nine of us love you a ton!! Natalie and Aubrey cried half way home because they were so distraught that you were going back to MN.
Grandma Lynn
Grandpa Rich

Grandpa & Kenzie
Before catching their plane grandpa and grandma came to love on Kenzie and Tate. Isabella and Rylan had not arrived yet so they will get some extra loving next time they visit which I have a feeling will be as soon as you kids arrive home! After the airport Daddy brought the kids back to the hospital and Natalie and Aubrey could not get enough of the babies. They are still very confused at who is who. Rylan they keep thinking you are a girl and they can not remember Kenzie's name to save their life but they do know that you were Baby A and so that is what they keep calling you. Drew came right in and sat in a chair and put a boppy around him. He was ready to hold his mini me. It lasted about seven seconds and he was saying off but he did give you a kiss on the nose before pushing you away from him.

We will be visiting much more often with the whole family so you will be getting use to our busy life very quickly. See you in the morning. Hoping to give you some baths tomorrow because it's been two weeks since you have been scrubbed and it is time! Love you all...

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  1. Yeah! So excited they are all together again and close to home! Should be much easier for you guys! Please let me know if you want us to watch the older kids while you and Paul go visit the littles. We would love to!!


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