August 18, 2012

Friday, August 17

Wow what a difference a night of sleep can do. I slept from 10:00 to 8:30 with intermissions every three hours to pump. This momma definitely needed it. When I got to the nicu my first stop was at Rylan's room. He is almost always our first stop only because the other three are all in the same room and if we don't check on Rylan right away who knows when we will see him again! The first thing I noticed was Rylan was off his bcpap!! I cried tears of complete joy. All his numbers looked fantastic and what a difference a couple of days have made. The poor kid has such dry lips though. Rylan and I made a lunch date for our first holding and then I was off to check on his siblings and then pump. 
Holding Rylan for the first time

Daddy is still sick so he snuck in for one picture (& got in trouble for it to from one of the nurses!)
There is never a down moment with four kids and a pumping schedule to maintain. 

Tate and the girls had a good night and were status quo. The highlights of today were a follow-up echo for Rylan and an echo for Tate and Isabella due to heart murmurs that have been heard. Rylan and the girls are also now getting their breast milk fortified to give them extra calories. Instead of 20 calories/oz they are getting 22 calories/oz. Tate will soon follow but because we had to hold uping his feeds for two days we want to make sure he is tolerating full feeds before adding calories. Tate also was given his first bottle by mom. He has been rooting at feeding time for the last day and see we wanted to see what he could do. He took about 8 ml out of 20 before he wore himself out.
First bottle at 31w6d
I can't wait to get them all nippeling so we can really feel like we are doing something as parents. At a week out I have now been able to provide all breast milk for the kids and this has been making me so happy. I know they will be getting formula at some point but I will keep pumping every three hours to give them the most that I can. Know get about 100ml per pump and the kids are taking about 85ml per round. 
Mommy with Tate and Isabella
Mommy's friend Dana & Isabella
It's only 6:00 at night and I have already tucked the kids into bed because I am actually going home to sleep in my bed. I have yet to sleep in the same bed as my husband since having the kids and I miss him. Going home to tuck my other three in and then taking Grandma Lynn out to celebrate her birthday today. Will be back early to avoid getting sick at home since there has been many sick bugs floating around our house. Hoping God gives me some great immunity because there is no way I can be gone from my littles.

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