August 06, 2012

A quick update...

Well I am home lying in bed which means Baby A passed his/her non-stress test this morning. I was very nervous all weekend that things would not look pretty and we would have to deliver these kiddos. I was totally fine if I needed to be hospitalized to monitor more closely but I just didn't want to be celebrating a birth day today. Since we are at 30 weeks the baby needed to have two periods where his/her heart rate would go up by 10 beats above baseline for ten seconds in a time frame of 20 minutes. We accomplished that in 10 minutes and we had an overachiever because its heart rate would go up by 15 beats for periods of 15 seconds which is what they expect a baby to be doing at 32 weeks. So we got a high five from my perinatologist and I was told to get out of there. I was having sporadic contractions but nothing that is causing me pain so no intervention needed for those unless they become painful. 

We will be going Thursday for another ultrasound and a growth scan for Baby A. Until then we hope to keep it quiet with nothing exciting to report. Again a huge thank you for all of the prayers that everyone has said for these "littles". This pregnancy has been amazing and we have been so overly blessed. I can not wait to share these munchkins with all of you!


  1. fantastic news!! Way to go, Baby A!

  2. Wonderful news, thank you for sharing! Good job Baby A!!! I'm so happy for you all! Keep up all the hard work mama, you are amazing. Sending prayers your way.

  3. You are doing a wonderful job. I'm looking forward to seeing these littles, but not just yet!

  4. Hoping that your appointment went well today and that baby a is growing .


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