August 30, 2012

21 Days....How can that be so??? (& care calendar)

My babies are three weeks old . The time is passing so quickly but at the same time seems it will never end. We have fallen into a new normal at our home since the kids were transferred closer to home and it is working wonderfully for mom and dad and the older kids. The babies haven't complained too much so it must be working for them too! I head down to the hospital each morning around ten so that I can get in a pump session before the kids start their second round of feeds for the day. I then start with the long round of bottle feeds. The kids get two bottle feeds each day and I think the boys will be quickly moving to every third feed being a bottle feed because they most often finish or come very close to finishing each bottle. Rylan starts the round then it's Tate, Isabella and then finishing off the quartet is Kenzie. Each kiddo gets up to thirty minutes to take their bottles. Everyone except Kenzie has finished complete bottles. I am very proud to say that the kids have yet to get anything but breast milk! This is something that I am personally so happy about. It also tells you how much of my free time is spent connected to a machine. Paul and the older kids come up around 11 and spend an hour or so visiting their babies. Then it's home for them for lunch. I follow around one and then have actually been laying down for a nap with the kids. Today I slept for two and a half hours and I feel amazing! The evening is family time and then I head up to the hospital for their eight o'clock feeding which consist of four more bottles. Last night daddy came up with me so he could spend some quality time instead of chasing after the older kiddos. Love aunties that come over to do the bedtime routine so mom and dad can get out together!
We feed the kids in a side lying position

Smiling Rylan

Tate trying to wake up for his feed


The girls and Tate
The quads are doing so well this week. The only set back we had is Tuesday Tate was really cold at his 11:00 feed and was not a acting like himself. I told the dr that I was concerned because he usually wakes up a half an hour early for his feed and for that feed he slept through the whole thing. He just wasn't my Tate. We ran a sepsis workup and everything came back normal but then yesterday his urine came back with some bacteria in it. They reran everything to make sure it is correct but in the meantime he was started on antibiotics to make sure he doesn't get worse. So the poor little boy had to get another iv in. We were doing so well so hopefully this won't be too big of a set back. My little men have caused their momma some stress during their nicu stay. The other kids continue to learn to eat, grow, and show us their love by having their a&b's. They really need to learn that mom and dad do not like these!
Isabella telling us what she thinks of her bottle feeds

Kenzie who is .4oz from 3lbs!

Kenzie stretching

A smile caught on Kenzie

Kenzie all snuggled up after eating
We have had so many people ask when they can bring a meal and/or help make life just easier for us. Now that Paul's parents are gone we would appreciate a little extra help. We have decided the easiest way to do this is by using the website We will be posting meal request and some very light housekeeping/laundry at this time. If you want to help but the days don't work for you we are more than happy to switch the days around to accommodate you!! When you get to the website it will ask you for an id and code, below are the numbers you will need:

ID: 118783
Security Code: 3823

We want to thank everyone for all their generosity, support and of course the numerous prayers that have been said for our children and for Paul and I. We are so glad that God choose us to take this journey and we are so happy to share it with so many of you.


  1. Love the progress and the pics! Those babies are soooo cute and I am loving their amazing hair! And you look fantastic, Krista!!

  2. For those that live too far to clean or send a meal ... please post if you have any additional needs for you or your beautiful children. It's been so fun to follow your journey! I am SO happy for you!

  3. I swear Kenzie looks just like you Krista!

  4. Krista--I am so proud of you and your family! I am over joyed that your little ones have arrived and are healthy!!! I want to come down and visit! :) you are truely blessed with an amazing family! If I can help at all I would love to! You are a rockstar!!!!


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