July 20, 2012

Week 28: First BIG goal & bed rest

We have made it to our first big goal...28 weeks. By allowing the babies to stay inside until this week has helped their long term outcomes tremendously. We are not ready for them to come by any means but we are a little less stressed if that would occur. Now for the next two weeks to pass quickly so we can hit week 30. Boy oh boy these babies are coming soon. I still can't believe it and am just a tad bit giddy with excitement when I think about it. 

So my  last blog post was last Friday and everything was going great. I got so much done and was looking forward to getting all the bedrooms rearranged. Saturday morning I met a girlfriend for coffee without kids and had an enjoyable two hours spent outside sitting in the shade having ice tea. I even had a nice man stop me and tell me I was all belly. He was shocked when he learned there were four babes inside it! I felt great and when I got home I decided to pack a to-go bag for the hospital with some toiletries, a change of clothes, eye mask and a couple other things that I would need until Paul could bring me more stuff if I had to go in to the hospital. I never know which appointment I may not come home from and little did I know I would be using the bag in less than three hours! I had lunch and then it was nap time for the kids and I. As I laid down I noticed that my tummy was really uncomfortable. I didn't feel I was having contractions but more like a side ache cramp across my entire stomach. After about thirty minutes of not being able to get comfortable I told Paul I was going to call the doctor. He wasn't too happy with this because he was in the middle of setting up the girls new beds. Luckily at the same time my mom stopped by and was more than willing to take me in. 

We get to the hospital and the tummy pain had lessened so I thought for sure I was going to be heading home. But when they put me on the monitor I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes. What??? I was not feeling most of them and this was not part of my plan. Instead of giving me medication right away the doctor wanted to try iv fluids to hydrate me but that had no affect. This is when it was decided to admit me so I could receive a steroid shot that will help mature the babies lungs if they were to be born early. I was really happy to be getting this and had already planned on asking for it at this weeks appointment. I was also ordered a 12 hour course of magnesium sulfate which would hopefully stop the contractions but also give neuro protection to the babies. I got really nervous when I found out I was getting the mag because it is not always the most tolerated drug. Many get flu like and menopause symptoms all at the same time and can make you feel like total crap. I called Paul to have him head to the hospital and could tell he was not doing well. I had one stressed out daddy. Since my mom was with me and I was tolerating the meds fine I told him to stay at his buddies and play a little poker before he came. Sometimes a wife just knows when the breaking point is coming. 

My mom left to get dinner for her and I and came back with awesome gyros and a bottle of red wine in a brown bag! Her and my soon to be brother in law, who scored major bonus points for spending his Saturday night on the high risk ob floor, enjoyed their wine in Styrofoam coffee cups and we had some good laughs that we're not helping my contractions! They stayed until 11 when I was exhausted and kicked them out. The husband was much less stressed and actually in good spirits when he got to my room at 1am! He said he had planned on leaving earlier but then he started winning. We spent he next hour chatting and he had dinner and I had dessert which I had saved. It kind of felt like we were back in college instead of in a hospital room pregnant with quads! 
Four beautiful heartbeats
 By the next morning my contractions had slowed to the normal one to two an hour. The doctor came and I had an ultrasound to check my cervix. I was super nervous because I knew this would be telling us what the next plans were for hospital bed rest and potential delivery. I have never been so happy when I could still see my cervix on ultrasound. It was still measuring 3.9cm and had no funneling. The contractions were not causing any changes to my cervix. The doctor explained I just had one unhappy uterus due to making it stretch. I would receive my second dose of steriods Sunday night and then be sent home Monday on bed rest. I had great care in the hospital but I am hoping to carry these kiddos a couple more weeks and I would much rather be in my own bed and be able to have home cooked food because the hospital food was far from appetizing. I don't think people even taste it before sending it to the patients! 
Attempting to monitor four babies. We were using everything from wash clothes to paper towels to get all four on the monitor at the same time for 20 minutes.
 I got home around 3 on Monday and by 7 I was having a complete meltdown. I was emotionally and physically exhausted from the previous two days and it caught up to me when I got home. My kids were also showing a side to them that said we need our mommy and to show this we are going to act out any way possible. My first night home I did not do so well following my new bed rest orders. I was in denial that things had changed and just plain frustrated. The following is a text I sent to my best friend (putting this in because it's my journal!) "I've been home four hours and I'm a mess. I don't know how I'm suppose to do this. How am I suppose to be a mom and wife from bed? I would be better in the hospital where I can forget that a life is going on around me. I don't know if I will be able to do this. I haven't cried this hard since I found out there were four. I feel lost and no part of my family." I would like to think exhaustion and hormones played a part in this melt down because now a couple days later I have accepted the need for bed rest. These couple weeks are such a short time in our families life but can benefit my unborn children so much. 

Things are different at our home right now; I have to let things go, Paul has had to step up and take new roles that he is not always had to play and my mother in law is a Godsend. We are so thankful she is here with us. I know she would rather be at home enjoying her summer but she has given that up for us. She has stepped into the role of chauffeur, playmate, maid, and chef but at the same time still allows me to be mom and her grandma. 

Bed rest is exhausting. Just like eating 4000 calories a day sounds so easy when you aren't faced with the task, bed rest sounds great until you have to spend the day in bed or on the couch. I have no attention for anything! I have started going though recipes and organizing them, shopping online for baby things, and have started the Army Wives series which I am enjoying. Also keeping up with all my quad mom friends via Facebook helps past the time. This week in our quad group three sets of quads were born in three days. A huge congratulations to Becky, Gina, and Amber on the birth of their 12 children. I am the next furthest along in our group and that fact scares me...that's how soon we could be meeting our kiddos!!

Our weekly appointment was yesterday and my cervix was a tad shorter than earlier in the week. It was down to 3.4cm but Baby A was lying directly on it. Hoping that next week we go up a little just for reassurance. The doctor reminded me not to dismiss anything because we are now at the point when everything could be something with quads. I was discouraged at my appointment because I am so not ready for this to be the end. I am uncomfortable because of the weight of the babies but I know I can keep doing this. I am not ready for this pregnancy to be over and I just need my body to cooperate and work with me. Next weeks appointment will also include a growth scan and I can not wait to see how big they each are.

 This weekend our wonderful friends are hosting a baby shower/open house to celebrate our littles. I will be enjoying a lounge chair and feeling like royalty for the day because I am sure if I put two feet on the ground I will be in big trouble. I can not wait to see everyone and celebrate these munchkins. So hoping to see many of you this weekend otherwise hoping not to have to update the blog until next Wednesday because no news is good news in quad land!!
Week 28
Week 28 bare belly- stretch marks and all


  1. Krista, I am so proud of you and how well you are doing!!! Keep up the great work, and although you are "next" in line, don't think you need to add another 4 to the already busy week of 12!!! ;-)
    I pray that you continue to cook those babies until they are ready to come out. And when they do, you have my support for sure! It's a wild ride!!

  2. Looking good mama! Sometimes you have to have your meltdowns. It's an intense journey, and I think you have to let those feelings just run their course sometimes! I had several during the pregnancy and, since bringing some of the babies home, have sat in the nursery and cried and stood in the shower and cried. Then I start over the next day! You are doing great, Congrats on the big 28!!!


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