July 25, 2012

Just shy of week 29 and a prayer request

I can't believe another week has almost gone by. The time is flying and it will be quad time in no time!! This week has been much better as far as bed rest goes. I have kept busy shopping on the Internet, well actually browsing because I am trying so hard not to purchase much because we still have some big expenses to buy such as a 12 passenger van! I also have been reading the Fifty Shades of Grey books and all I can say is boy oh boy. My mother in law bought them and gave them to me to read first and I told her last night as I handed her the first book that I was kind of having a hard time knowing what she was going to be reading. It's almost as bad as knowing your parents still have sex! I wouldn't be surprised if there is a baby boom in about 9 months. And how in the world are they going to make a movie out of those books and not have it rated higher than "R"? 

I was having a hard time sleeping last week and talked to my doctor about it because I knew so many of my emotional days were due to lack of good sleep. I am now taking a medication in the same category as Benedryl before bed and it is helping so much. I actually slept through my alarm the other night by 2 1/2 hours (I have to take my contraction medication every four hours so the alarm is always going off around here). The sleep is helping me so much and my attitude has increased ten fold from last week. I continue to feel great and told the doctor today that I have not reached the end point like I have in my other pregnancies when I am just plain done. I know I have a couple weeks in me yet. The doctor said she can tell that just by how I look. 

So today we had our growth scan that I have anxiously been waiting for like a child waits for Christmas morning. It is reassuring when you can see that your babies are growing. So below are the weights and percentages (based on a singleton baby) of each kiddo: 

Baby A: 2lbs 4oz (5%) 
Baby B: 3lbs 2oz (77%) 
Baby C: 2lbs 14oz (50%) 
Baby D: 3lbs 0oz (63%) 

As soon as the ultrasound tech said the weights I was concerned for Baby A and shocked with the other three. Two of the three of my fellow quad mommies had to deliver last week at 28 and 29 weeks due to one of their babies not getting adequate blood flow from the placenta and I told my mom and sister that I had a feeling we would be delivering within the week for the same issue. I couldn't believe it was happening but once the doctor came in she explained what was going on and I immediately calmed down. 

She explained that yes Baby A is starting to show slower growth than the others and his/her's placenta was starting to fatigue but it was just starting and at this point Baby A would still do better on the inside than the outside. Such a relief. She said the percentile on Baby A makes it seem worse than it is and the the other three kiddos are huge. We will monitor Baby A closely but it doesn't warrant a hospital admission. They will check the blood flow again next week and then a growth scan in two weeks. Until then I am suppose to halt all activity except bathroom expeditions, meals at the table and a shower each day. I was told absolutely no side task when I am up. No laundry, no dishes, no picking up....up then back in bed only. All energy needs to go towards these babies. I also asked if there was anything I could do diet wise to help with weight gain for the babies and I was told to increase protein but stay away from adding a lot of extra fat and sugar. I have gained no weight in the last three weeks which makes my total weight gain 38lbs. So I will be adding protein shakes and egg whites to my diet daily to help as much as I can. 

The doctor said there is always a reason to deliver with quads. It's never that the mom just gets to 37 weeks and it's time. She said we are starting to pin point what will cause me to deliver. I asked if she thought I would make it to 30 weeks and she said "yes, that's only a week and a half away." I then explained that our 10 year anniversary is August 10th and I still was really hoping to be pregnant. She said she thought I would still be pregnant then too. She said the next big growth spurt for the babies was 32-34 weeks and she just doesn't think Baby A's placenta will handle that growth spurt so we are probably looking at delivery between those two weeks. I can totally handle that!! Of all the doctors in the group the doctor I had today is the most cautious and so I feel confident that I am in good hands and if anyone would say its delivery time it would be her.

So I am asking everyone to please lift Baby A up in prayers and ask the Lord to watch over her (just my motherly instinct...I have always thought that A was a girl and C is a boy...no clue if I'm right!!). I know God has this all planned out but I pray that Baby A can hold out a couple more weeks to allow them all more time to grow. If we bombard the heavens with prayers for for our peanut I know God will hear all of us and He can work wonders.


  1. We will be praying hard for you! Leah was baby A and she was falling behind too. But she is a monster now. I know in my heart that all your babies will be strong and healthy! 32 weeks is a piece of cake! August 10th is the kids birthday..., happy anniversary!! Oh and stop reading that bookporn! It will make you have contractions :)

  2. Kriata, Those are great weights! They are actually really close to our delivery weights at 30 weeks, 5 days. Our peanut was 2 lbs, 5 oz. prayers for you and the crew. You can make it a little longer just bed rest it up! I took tylenol pm the last week. Sleep helped tons!

  3. You are doing wonderful!! Our smallest was 2 lbs 6 oz and the biggest was 3 lbs 6 oz. There's always a runt in the group it seems, and they usually tend to do incredibly well! Those weights sound great and I'm praying you'll make it to your goal!!!

  4. I am just soo amazed with everything you are going through. I honestly try to stop by everyday so I can see how I have nothing to complain about with just 1 baby in my belly :)
    I think about you and those babies all the time. I am praying for all of you that everything goes great and they are born at the right time and are healthy as can be. You look amazing in every single one of your pictures. I am so amazed at all you do. I cant imagine it being any priority or easy by any means but I hope you keep your blog updated after they all come. I cant wait to see those little faces grow and become amazing little people. Good luck and im praying for you girl.

  5. I'm praying that all of you are healthy and that you have the strength and energy you need to get through these last few weeks. In my (childless) eyes you are a Supermom! Peace, strength and energy to all who are helping you too!


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