July 13, 2012

27 weeks, only seven days til week 28!!

Oh my how far away this seemed at the beginning of this pregnancy. It feels amazing to be able to say I am almost seven months pregnant with quads. I can't wait to keep counting done the weeks.
Week 27 (& the weeding rings still fit. I made it to delivery day with the other kiddos still wearing my rings and I am hoping to do it again! It's the small things in life.)
It has been hot here. Above 100 degrees all week so last Saturday we headed to Lake Tahoe for a day of cooler weather. It was so much fun just relaxing and watching the kids play. The water was chilly so they didn't swim much but the rocks on the beach entertained them all afternoon. When we got home it was still 100 degrees but it felt great to escape for a little while. Little did we know we still had six more days of hot weather but today I am thankful that it started cooling. This preggo mommy couldn't take it much longer and I am so ready to turn the air off and open the windows.
Miss Attitude!

The fish

Give him rocks and he's happy for a long time

During the week we got so much accomplished. I actually feel like I could be nesting if I had the energy to do it myself. Good thing I have wonderful people in my life that are helping me with all my nesting projects! The nursery remodel is now completed except for a closet organizer and all the furniture. I have to say a HUGE thank you to my step-dad who helped do all the tedious painting in the nursery. From cut-in to molding you saved me from a very crabby husband and we appreciate the time you dedicated to being the nursery "designer" (what he said he is going to tell people when they ask what he has done for the babies!). We will be spending the weekend rearranging furniture around here. The girls bed will get converted back to a crib, two sets of bunk beds will get set up, dressers rearranged, and curtains hung in the nursery. I can't wait to see it all be changed around. The nursery won't be compete until after the babies are born because it is currently being used as Paul's mom's room and we need to transition Drew out of his crib over the next couple of weeks. Below are the before and after of the nursery. Our nursery colors are teal, orange, cherry red, and lime green. I will post completed nursery pictures after the "littles" are here.

Don't mistake them for city workers, they actually hardly took breaks!

Daddy put in many late nights on this project so that it was just perfect for his "littles"

After (the wall was extended out about three feet to add a closet to the room)
Can't wait to see it full of cribs!!
 Another great doctor appointment this week to report. All babies are doing good and had adequate fluid levels. They are sure getting cramped in there and baby B kept trying to get into every ones pictures. We will get another growth scan in two weeks to see what they are measuring. My cervix is still holding at 3.9cm and not showing any signs of shortening. So unbelievable to me. I haven't always been best friends with my body but boy do I love my cervix!! I am now up 38lbs for the pregnancy which is exactly what I gained with the girls. It is all new territory from here but I don't think I will be gaining the goal weight of 75-80lbs. I also had a little bit of protein in my urine but my blood pressure still remained low. Just to be on the safe side I had blood work done and a 24 hour urine collection. Have yet to hear the results but hoping no news is good news. The doctor was going to have me skip a week between appointments because she said nothing is changing with me but I quickly talked her out of it. My weekly doctor appointments reassures me that I can continue doing this for another week. 

A couple comments that I have gotten the past few weeks that I find quite hilarious are:
1) After telling someone we are expecting quadruplets she said "oh my gosh, I can't imagine three babies at one time." Me neither but I will try four!
2) "So I have never had kids so I am not sure how this all works but how did you get pregnant with four?" Apparently she had never taken a basic anatomy class either.
3) Again after telling someone we were expecting quads, "Is this your first time doing quadruplets?" No we have done it three other times. Come on people this is not a cruise we are taking!! 

I just love these comments but sometimes I can not hide my looks and laughter when people are just plain stupid. I am sure we have only begun the crazy comments and will continue to share them as we get them.

Today to celebrate week 27 I had a very successful day. The pantry was reorganized to allow a place for all the gazillion bottles, sterilizers and everything else required to feed these munchkins. It felt so good to go through the pantry and throw things that had 2006 expiration's! Amazing how much food gets hidden in a pantry. We then reorganized the laundry room, made binders for all the babies to record feeding amounts/diaper contents/medications once they come home, laminated a sign to greet visitors when they come to our home and then it was time for a break for a pedicure. Got to keep those toes looking good because I have no idea when I will get another one once I get put on bed rest. Tomorrow my to do list includes getting a to-go bag ready for the hospital in case we have to make a dash some night. And I can't wait for next weekend because we are having a baby shower for the "littles" with our friends, family and my co-workers. I am just so excited to see everyone since outside contact has been a little more limited the last couple of months. 

We will see you all in 7 days for our first goal of 28 weeks. Only 7 more weeks to my personal goal before meeting these babies. Please keep those prayers coming because they are working wonders. Also I've had people asking if I would do a Q&A post and I am more than happy to answer any questions out there. Please just leave them in the comment section or Facebook and I will answer them in the next post. We also still have the poll going for gender and birth day if anyone wants to add their guesses. 

A very happy weekend to all.


  1. Krista - SO AMAZING to read about your progress! I delivered my twins at 27 weeks so you've beat me! Twice over! ;o) Keep it going! You look fantastic also. PLEASE let the group know how we can help! I'm on the other coast but I can always send a gift card, have a meal delivered, something! You rock!!
    Jill Miles - PCMOMS

  2. Oh, my GOODNESS!!! I am BEYOND impressed with you!! Congratulations and continued prayers for you and your quads!
    You have already accomplished so much!

  3. You are really doing amazing!!! Don't forget to keep your feet up girl!!! I am so excited with you as you head on to 28 weeks. That was my goal too, and to get them all over 2lbs. Can't wait to hear about your next scan. It's so funny how people can't count past three. We will say we had quadruplets and they'll be like, oh wow triplets! Not exactly....

  4. The nursery project looks great, I can't wait to see the completed version! It is totally amazing what you are still able to do, a lake Tahoe trip? Cool! Good idea to pack that go bag, just in case.

    It cracks me up how many people don't know quad means four. Sort of sad too....

    Keep up the great work!

  5. the nursery looks amazing so far! cannot wait until it is done! for questions- how did you pick your children's names (the twins, drew) and what are the contenders for the quads?

  6. It's amazing to me to read about your pregnancy! 3.9 cervix at 27 wks its crazy!!! how did you do it? and no bed rest! wow! your body rocks :)


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