June 28, 2012

Week 25- Another week closer to meeting our quadlings

I am afraid I am starting to bore people with my weekly updates because not much is changing except for my abdominal girth! We have now reached week 25 and I am shocked that we will be holding these "littles" in our arms in less than nine weeks. This excites me but makes me super anxious all at the same time. We have so much to do before we are ready for these babies. All the newborn clothes are in the attic, bottles are along side the clothes, no car seats bought, and cribs haven't even been ordered!! Yes I know we are pregnant but I am just not ready for our home to be full of chaos yet. The nursery is almost done and then I can start organizing it. We will also be heading to storage soon and getting the swings and bouncy chairs so we can get them all washed up. Nine weeks is the same as 2.5 months and that seems like a loooong time, right?!?

Our weekly doctor appointment again went great. The babies have all changed position which has made sleeping much more uncomfortable because I now have kids kicking me in the bladder and the ribs. I was amazed that they still have room to turn but now I am hoping they turn back to how they were before. Baby A & B were both breech (they are responsible for the bladder kicking). Some days I am waiting for one of them to just kick their way out because their kicks are that strong. Baby C is lying on my right side across my tummy horizontal. And Baby D is the rib kicker with its head down. All fluids looked good on the babies and my cervix was up again at 4.2cm. No orders for bed rest again and I am so amazed. I never in a million years thought I would see July from any other view point than my bed. This week I also signed the consent to have my tubes tied during the c-section. When they brought the consent in for me to sign I actually had a moment where I wasn't sure if I was ready to sign it. It is so permanent and truly means we are done having kids. I then quickly reminded myself that we will have seven kids and I did sign it but I never thought I would have the emotions that I did. They did forget to bring in the tummy tuck consent but the doctor did let me know that they will make the c-section incision in the same area that the tummy tuck will be so that I will only have one scar. I guess that will be almost as good as a tummy tuck!
Baby A
Another appointment next week and in the mean time we will just be hanging out growing babies. I do ask this week for some very specific prayers. Our friends the Herrington's who I have mentioned before when they were bringing Olivia home from Ukraine could use all the prayers we could give them. Their daughter Chloe who is not even two and also has down syndrome was recently diagnosed with leukemia. This news has brought back the many emotions of when Paul was diagnosed and I can not imagine having your child diagnosed with cancer. Starting in July Chloe will undergo chemotherapy for the next six months with the majority of this time spent in the hospital. Please pray that Chloe can continue to be the little fighter she is and allow her to continue to shine her joy with all those who are lucky enough to meet her. 

Week 25

The "Daring"

The "Goof"

The "Ham" who officially turned 2!


  1. Exciting times for you!! My daughter, Amber, gave birth to quads on May 31st. You are just 5 weeks away from when she delivered. It was SUCH an experience for me as her mom that I swore I would NOT 'follow' other quad moms due to the stress involved. BUSTED! I AM following you and pray for a safe delivery!
    Love and prayers from the Bell Quad Grandma!

  2. I am so glad things continue to be uneventful, that's how we like it! My baby D kicks my ribs too! It sure hurts. A warm compress helps a lot.

  3. You are amazing mama! Looking beautiful and love the uneventful report...keep it up! :) Will keep little Chloe in my prayers for strength and healing. Best of luck with preparations! Cinda


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