June 14, 2012

Week 23- Another week down!!

These weeks are flying by and I am getting more and more excited to put names to these little miracles of mine. I get so excited thinking about delivery day! The anticipation of meeting these "littles" that God has given our family and just knowing that we did everything we could to get them here safely gives me little butterfly's in my tummy. I just can't wait. I have loved all my labors and even though this time it will have to be a c-section I am sure the day will be just as wonderful as April 2, 2008 when we meet our sweet little girls and June 21, 2010 when we welcomed Drew into the world. 

We had another wonderful week of growing quads. Paul again worked on the nursery. We had a family friend that started the mudding process of the new walls and next weekend it will be finished. Paul and my step-dad then painted the old part of the nursery on Sunday and it looks so awesome. I can not wait to see it all finished. While the painting was going on my mom took the girls grocery shopping while I rested and I think she forgot how much work it is to take 2 four year olds shopping! When they got home my mom made about five meals for us to have frozen in the freezer for the week. It has been so nice to not have to think about preparing dinner. I just go to the freezer and choose! Thank you mom and Jerry for all you have done for us lately. My mom has been coming over every evening that Paul is gone to bathe the kids and help get them to bed. It has been wonderful to have her help in the evenings.

I am still feeling amazing. I really have to remind myself sometimes that I am carrying four babies and not just a full term kiddo. The things I have noticed this week is that I can constantly hear my heartbeat in my ears. It gets really annoying but the doctor confirmed that I am feeling it because of the blood volume that is circulating inside me. I also have a lot of pressure/pain down below. For those who have been pregnant it is the last month pressure you feel. I mentioned it to the doctor and she recommended a belly support band. I used one with the girls when my belly got really heavy but hasn't gotten to that point yet in this pregnancy. The doctor explained that just supporting my belly may help relieve some of the pain. So I will try that this week to see if it makes a difference. She also said the pain may never go away until delivery since this is my third pregnancy and the muscles are just weaker now. She said if it gets worse during the day then I know I need to rest more. The babies again looked great with good fluid levels and my cervix went from 3.4 to 3.9!!! I love anytime it is above 3.5. Again no new restrictions and we will have another appointment next week with a growth scan. Hoping for the babies to be between 1-1.5lbs. 

Paul's mom and grandma arrive on Tuesday and I am so excited. It will be nice to have company and also to have more help around the house. The kids are also excited and need some activities to run off energy. They are starting to drive their mother crazzzy!! I am going to start working with a program online called care calendar to coordinate different things that we will need help with once the kiddos are born. It is a website that with a password that will be given out by Paul or I people will be able to sign up for talents that each person has. Whether it's helping bring meals, laundry, playing with the older kids, or coming over to help watch babies so that mom and dad can get some rest. As far as the feedings go we are planning on having a small group that we can rely on consistently to help with the feedings. Since they will be preemies and may not have the best eating ability when they come home we want to be able to teach a group of people what works best for each baby so that the babies can gain weight as they need to and have as few feeding issues as possible. We will also be bringing the kiddos home right at the beginning of RSV season and want to do everything to prevent the babies from getting this. We don't want to be rude to anyone but we want our babies health  to be our number one priority. If you are interested in being part of the group that helps with feedings let me know. We are hoping we can get people that can consistently fill a certain day of the week so we can get some kind of routine going.

Now for something a little fun!! We thought it would be interesting to start a poll to see what people think these babies are and when they will be born. A small prize will be given for the person closest with all guesses (don't expect the prize to be mailed the day they are born...we may be a tad busy for a little while!!). So either comment on the blog, facebook or email Paul or I with your guesses. Remember there are four babies to guess for. I will be 28 weeks on July 20, 32 weeks on August 17 and 34 weeks on August 31. My prediction for these babies are 3 little men and one princess born on September 2. Happy guessing!

Baby A (above)

Baby D sucking his/her thumb

Drew & Grandma having some kitchen fun

I just don't think all seven of our kids will be able to line up for morning cartoons on the coffee table! And yes Drew has a hair clippy in...it's what happens when you have two older sisters!


  1. I am so glad you had a good appt! Yay for no new restrictions too. Hoping for good sized babies next week. There was a point when my heartbeat felt strong like that too, but it isn't like that anymore.
    It is great you have some family coming to help.

  2. yeah!!!! my prediction is August 30th and that it will be 3 girls and 1 boy!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! I would love to sign up to help with late evening feedings (after my kids go to bed) and holding babies while mommy and daddy rest!


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