June 06, 2012

Still no bed rest at 22 weeks!!!

So this morning I decided to get the nasty glucose testing done that all pregnant women have to have done. Can I just say I dread this test so much. I had to do the one hour test with both the girls and Drew and still remember how yucky it made me feel with the girls. Well my doctor decided to have me do the two hour test this time. I had to fast for 12 hours prior to the test which is a long time for someone feeding a total of five people! I then have to get my blood drawn three times in a two hour timeframe...not bad, but the feeling of your blood sugar going sky high I could live without. I can't wait to get to the car and eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Don't think I have ever been so excited for protein! 

We did have a little excitement this week in quadville. On Sunday evening we went swimming and it felt so great to just float around. After we got the kids into bed I noticed my tummy was feeling tighter than usual and I was occasionally having a contraction. I told Paul I need to lie down and everything seemed to settle after some rest and fluids. But the next morning I noticed the same tightening so took it easy and rested from about 2-6 in the afternoon but I couldn't sleep because I was nervous and debating between going into the hospital or resting because I had just been too active. I talked to my mom and she was quick to remind me that it's not worth the risk of waiting so I made the call to my doctor and he had me come down to the hospital. My mom came over and Paul and I left. On the way to the hospital he was going a really weird way and I asked him if he remembered how to get there? He looked at me and said you need a Dairy Queen. Sure I was up for it but I really think he just wanted one! After we arrived at the hospital and got hooked up to the monitors I was able to show them a very nice contraction right away. I was having them about every 12 minutes which wasn't awful. They get worried when you have 6 or more in an hour. I was given some vesteril which slowed things down and was sent home at midnight. I slept like a baby once we got home and my awesome husband was kind enough to let me sleep til 9:30 the next morning! 

 I had a routine appointment the next day so I was interested to see if the contractions had done anything to my cervix and if bed rest would start. All the babies looked great and their fluid levels are still adequate. Baby A and B are both head down and Baby C and D are transverse butting heads in the middle. My cervix shortened from 3.7 to 3.5 which I immediately got nervous about. The doctor could tell right away that I was worried so he was very quick to let me know this is not significant. My cervix was still closed and no funneling so I got another good report on the all important cervix! I did get a prescription for the vesteril to take as needed if I notice the tightening or contractions starting up again. I had a discussion with the doctor about bed rest. I told him I don't want to wait to go on bed rest until we realize I should have gone on it two weeks ago. He said there are two reasons for bed rest; a shortening cervix or pure exhaustion. He explained that my cervix is still great and I'm still doing well with activity. He wants to continue to see me every week but is happy with how things are going. Yay, you gotta love when the doctor is happy!!

Paul's mom is arriving on the 19th and I can't wait. I know I will be spending a lot more time resting than I have been and I know that is what I need right now. I am tired and I have a hard time doing much with the kids and I feel guilty for this. I know Grandma will have lots of fun projects, baking and outside time for the kids and I will be able to do the quiet activities of reading, singing them songs and just snuggling while watching a movie. 

On Friday we will be at 22 weeks and I am getting so nervous. At 24 weeks the "littles" will reach a point were they could survive outside the womb with lots of medical care but their mortality and risk of long term health complications are high. I am excited to get to 24 weeks and we are so close but I want to do everything I can to not have them born between 24 and 28 weeks. I will be so excited to check off each of those weeks with the munchkins still growing safely in my tummy. 

I do have to tell a story from the doctors office yesterday just to keep this blog real! I was lying flat after the doctor had checked my cervix and I was talking to him about my weight gain which is now up 30lbs...yikes! I was a little concerned about the weight coming on too fast now and what woman likes to see the numbers climbing on the scale even when you know how important it is. The doctor grabs my tummy, which when I am laying flat looks a little like bread dough, and starts literally squishing and kneading it! Okay talk about mortified!! I already have issues with my self confidence and here is a man telling me "this is what I call a belly of gold!" I just about died. I can't even begin to imagine what kind of "dough" I am going to have after these babies are born. So not excited for the post baby body with this pregnancy. 

Paul is gone for the next two days for work so the kids and I will be vegging out on the couch watching way to many movies and luckily grandma and auntie will come over to help with dinner and baths. We may even go through some of the baby clothes that have been gifted to us. So hoping for a quiet week until our next appointment on Tuesday. Again thank you everyone who has let me know that they are still praying for our "littles". It means so much to Paul and I.

Baby B (above)- the pictures are not as good as they once were because there is less room each week and they tend to be all curled up.

Baby C- a tad squished!
My little man!! Love him

Week 22- My wedding rings still fit but I hate having anything constricting on right now!

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  1. Keep up the good work . This is great that your not on complete bed rest and most of all your at home with your family . Have a great weekend .


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