June 23, 2012

24 weeks- Viability & Happy Tears

We have officially made it to our first small hurdle...24 weeks. This is the point that the babies would have a chance to make it outside of the womb with medical intervention. This sounds like a huge hurdle but the chance of mortality and long term health issues is still really high if they were to be born. We are happily counting off the next four weeks until we hit 28 weeks. This is the point that things really start to change and the babies would have a much better chance of good outcomes. 

We have had a busy last week with visitors. Last Friday I went to open the door expecting a baby sitter because I thought Paul and I were going out for the evening to find my little brother and sister at the door asking for a glass of water! My dad and his family came down from Oregon to spend the weekend. Everyone knew about it except me and if you know me I dislike surprises with a passion. It took me about five minutes to tell myself everything would be okay and that my house was clean enough to host company. It did explain my husbands behavior for the day. At one point I texted my best friend and told her I was running away with my seven kids and if she felt up to it she could check in on my husband. Let's just say it was a rough day prior to my dads arrival but Paul's weird behavior was due to trying to get ready for company without letting me know!! The rest of the evening was wonderful with the kids playing with their aunt and uncle, who are only 7 & 9, great food and going to bed way to late. On Saturday I left the kids with grandma and I went with Paul to the grand opening of the new ACN training center here in town. It was great to see so many people who are supporting us during this pregnancy. The afternoon was spent napping, swimming and going out for a great mexican dinner with friends. Father's Day started out with three very crabby kids who had not gotten to bed anywhere close to bedtime for two nights in a row. I think after church Paul was ready to ditch us for the golf course or anywhere that the rest of his family was not at! But after some naps the world was a little bit better. My family all came over and my dad made his famous ribs and they were so yummy. The kids swam the whole afternoon and continued even through dinner so finally at bedtime thy decided they were hungry. Amazing how it always happens at bedtime! 
Grandpa with his 9 grandkids (& 3 of his kids)
 On Tuesday we welcomed Paul's mom and grandma. Paul's mom will now be here through the summer and his grandma is staying with us for a week. It has been so nice to have them here. I have never been this caught up on laundry! I told Paul I may have to hire a live in housekeeper once they leave. If only but one can dream. It will take us all some adjusting to having someone else living with us. The kids seem to think that the grandma's are here to play with them during each waking moment and I have to learn to just let them do things. I feel very guilty watching them clean up and taking care of the kids while I am lying on the couch. I would much rather be helping in the kitchen or taking walks with them than being on the sidelines. 

On Wednesday the grandma's and I went to my weekly doctors appointment and this is were the happy tears come in. We first stopped for a nice lunch sans kids and had some very yummy salads. I even indulged in a snickerdoodle cookie knowing that the salad was not packed with enough calories. While waiting in line I had a lady who had been sitting come over to me to tell me I had the cutest baby bump she had seen in a long time. I looked at her and told her that I needed to let her know that their were actually four babies in my baby bump. She was so excited and so was I because sometimes when you are only 24 week but look full term you just need a little boost and this sure did it for me. Neither of the grandma's had ever seen an ob ultrasound so it was neat to share this experience with them. The babies are getting so much bigger and the days of seeing a baby's head and feet in one picture are long gone, unless their feet are up by their heads! My favorite ultrasound tech was scanning and it was a great appointment. Right away the tech mentioned that my cervix appeared nice and long which was music to my ears. I had been a tad worried because I know that I am counting down the weeks until bed rest starts and I just would like to avoid it as long as possible. I also get worried that if my cervix starts to shorten that other isues could start to arise that could affect the babies. We got the weights of each baby and let's just say we have some big babies!! Baby A (our little peanut) weighed in at 1lb5oz (41%), Baby B 1lb7oz (66%), Baby C is our chunky monkey weighing in at 1lb10oz (92%) and Baby D 1lb9oz (83%). All the percentiles are based off weights for singletons so quads measuring with percentiles in the 41-92% is awesome. Insert first happy tears here!

Baby A & B continue to be head down and more in the front of my tummy. Baby C has turned and is also now head down but is stuck behind babies A & B. Good thing he has a little extra chunk to him and can handle the weight of his siblings! Baby D is the smartest of them all and is laying across the top of my tummy with its head on my right side. This is the baby that I feel all the time and does not ever settle down. I took a picture the other morning of what my belly is starting to look like a lot more these days. I was on my bed and my hips were totally straight. I think someone was tired of their siblings kicking them and was trying to get as far away as they could. My belly button is no longer in the middle of my tummy because usually my belly is shifted one way or the other. Things could get very interesting in the coming weeks.
After getting the measurements of the babies the doctor came in and did the official cervix measurement which was 4.1cm. Insert second happy tears! The doctor than sat with us and reviewed everything with us. One of the reasons I LOVE this group is that I never feel rushed or leave without questions answered. Even though I meet with four different doctors depending on the week I always feel they are on the same page. It is so reassuring. There is now a plan in place for which medications I will receive before and after delivery for my bleeding disorder after meeting with the hematologist which will hopefully avoid the ICU stay like I had after the twins. I also reminded the doctor that I am not on bed rest yet and he exclaimed, "well you don't need to be." Happy tears #3! He asked when I would like to schedule delivery and I said once I hit 34 weeks and so that is what he wrote on my chart. I laughed and said if only it was that easy! I have a thing with even numbers and so I have decided that I am going to have four quadlings on September 4th at 34weeks 4days gestation all weighing over four pounds. We will see how close I get to my new goal.
Baby B

Baby C
The final tears of happiness came after my appointment this week and it regards just how amazing I feel. I really don't have much to feel bad about. I have really enjoyed this pregnancy since I got past the nausea and am amazed that we are to 24 weeks already. Yes, I am big for 24 week but I am carrying four babies. I have gained 32lbs to date and am okay with that. I by no means have the energy that I did before pregnancy but I make it through the days and still enjoy getting out of the house. Besides the one evening with a few contractions that sent me to L&D, I have had no pre-term labor, only a few contractions here and there and no shortening of my cervix. This gives me so much hope each day that I can continue to carry these babies. I pray that I can continue doing well for the next 10 weeks. I truly believe having a positive attitude helps a ton and so each day I think about the blessing that I am being given. This will be my last pregnancy so I am enjoying feeling the little lives moving around inside me which is the one thing I always miss after giving birth. It amazes me that in less than 10 weeks we will be holding our children in our arms. It still feels so surreal to me. Hang in there kiddos we only have 2.5 months to go until you are welcomed into this world. Please continue to be content until the end of August.

The following pictures are from each of my pregnancies at the 24 week mark. It is amazing the difference between one, two, and four babies!!
24 weeks with the girls

24 weeks with Drew
24 weeks with the "littles"


  1. Yay for 24 weeks! It sounds like you are doing great! Amazing that bed rest is not needed, keep it up!

  2. Keep up the good work, my prays are with you that the next goal is reached 28 weeks .


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