May 19, 2012

Week 19- Hospital visits and mini melt-downs

Week 20 is just right around the corner and I feel like a teenager that is done being a teenager. It's time to make the big step into the "20's". 

Last week was again quiet and uneventful at the beginning. I continued to grow and tried to rest when possible. We had our weekly appointment on Wednesday and again got a great report. Cervix a little shorter (3.6cm for those following) but still long and closed. This was a measurement that was taken with very little time off my feet during the whole day. In the morning we all went to the airport to welcome Olivia home from Ukraine and snuggle with the most beautiful little princess for a fraction of a second as she was passed from one set of loving arms to another. Talk about one very loved little girl! We then came home and had a quick lunch before the babysitter came. Paul and I went to look at another van that will hold the Von Traps and are undecided between two. One is much more appealing on the outside but lacks many "upgrades" on the inside. The other looks like a mini semi truck from the front but has many nicer bells and whistles throughout the interior. Oh and a price difference of about $15,000 between the two but we will be having this car for probably the next ten or more years! We then headed to Sacramento early for a tour of the hospital I will be held captive in and where our "littles" will make their debut. I will summarize more of the hospital tour in a sec. We then went to the doctors appointment and got the above report. Still no bed rest but I have been cut off from long shopping sprees. No more Costco runs for me. I was so exhausted by the time we got to the appointment that I could hardly communicate with the doctor or the ultrasound tech because I just wanted to close my eyes and sleep. The appointment ended just in time to hit rush hour traffic so we stopped for a bite to eat before heading home and I officially had mini-meltdown one of the week. More coming on this too. By the time we made it home I found the couch and that is all I remember from the day.

Hospital tour: I have trained in the nicu at the hospital the babes will be born at but had never been to labor and delivery so I was excited to see where I would be in lock down and I wanted Paul to get a feel of the nicu. We had a wonderful lady from the hospitals moms of multiples program give us the tour and answered so many of our questions. We first went to the nicu and the neonatalogist (who I work with) were quick to make sure I was just there for a tour and not being hospitalized already. Paul got to see what a 30 weeker looked like and he couldn't believe how small he was and I was telling the nurse that he was a good size for 30 weeks! Guess that's what happens when I am use to taking care of babies in the 2-3 pound range. After the nicu tour we toured the labor and delivery unit. The hospital is old, as in they still have many shared rooms. They are currently building a new hospital but I am a year early to enjoy the new luxuries so I will have to make do. At least I get Sutter priorities for being an employee. I will be using that for all I can to get a private room when the time comes. We also got to see the OR room where I will deliver. They explained to Paul that he is to follow the babies and I will still be in surgery for at least 30 more minutes after the babies are out. He looked at me as if he was asking permission and I just laughed and said yes you go with the babies, I will be just fine!! Having the hospital tour took some of the anxiety away from knowing where to go when the time comes and also made us very excited for the day that we get to meet our "littles".

Mini-meltdown #1: We got to dinner and you have to remember I am exhausted at this point. After we had ordered Paul looked at me and said the most meaningful words to me, "I don't know about you but I can't wait to see our four babies." As we are getting further along it is becoming more and more real that we are going to be parents of quads but as the weeks get closer to viability and then the 28 week mark each week seems so much more important. The next 9 weeks are huge and we have to keep these babies inside me. This seems like such a daunting task for me right now. I am measuring 36 weeks already. For those of you who have been pregnant remember how your last month of your pregnancy was. You can't bend over, you get winded just walking to the door, the braxton hicks contractions from wearing pants that are squishing a little too tightly on your belly, and the stretching skin. Yes I just made a great infomercial for those who have never been pregnant but the problem is I don't just have four weeks left; I hopefully have 13-15 more weeks to go. It's only going to get worse from here. Issue #2: I am also having a hard time dealing with what I am not able to do with my older kiddos right now. Some days I feel like a totally inadequate mother. I have a hard time setting limits and telling myself I am just going to let things go and not do them. It is not my personality. Issue #3: And to top it all off we have nothing ready for these kids. As in no place to put them when we get home. We will hopefully be completing the closet in their nursery this coming weekend but then we have to wait for bunk beds to get here for the big kids before we can clean out the toy room (aka nursery). I already know that I will not be the one completing the nursery and it will be a surprise for me when I come home after delivery and I am okay with that. I just wish it looked like we are some what prepared for these kids. This was the basics of my meltdown and many of the above issues have continued to resurface this week. I  am hoping its hormones and I can get off this pity party ride soon because it is not fun.

The exciting news is we did confirm with a family friend/photographer that she would love to be in the delivery room to capture the miracle of out "littles" making their entrance into the world. I am so excited for this and don't feel bad at all that my mom won't be in the delivery room due to the already overcrowding of the room and the two person rule of who can come in with me. Now I just need to find someone to hand the video camera off to that day and we will have all our photography needs met!

Thursday: a day of recovery for me and the quadlings. I got up and took the girls to preschool and Paul took Drew on some man errands. I came home and was just going to lie down for 10 minutes. I was woken three hours later by two excited four year olds telling me all about their day at school. Oops!! Got up and had lunch and crawled back into bed for a two hour nap with the girls. Had another wake period of about two hours before I was back into bed because I seriously could hardly stand up due to being so tired. I guess Wednesday was just a little to much for this momma.

Friday: Paul is gone for the whole weekend so I pawned the girls off on my awesome sister for the night. The girls have been talking all week about spending the night at auntie Nikki's new house. They were so excited to just do girl things without Drew there. I was excited to drop them off, get Drew to bed by seven and then just have some quiet time without having to retuck kids back into bed for the fiftieth time. This quiet evening quickly came to an end as a lady re-ended me on the way home. Our truck was fine, hers not. Drew was safely tucked in his car seat and I was okay too except for some pain at the top of my uterus. Remember I am measuring the size of a 36 weeker, so a call was made to my ob who said I needed to make the 30 minute trip to the hospital to get monitored. Phone calls made, a Drew happily at the neighbors until my mom could get over and I and the quads tried out the information we received on Wednesday on how to get to triage. I wasn't really planning on using this information this soon! After three hours of being monitored and not a single contraction(!) I was sent home. My relaxing evening totally got thrown out the window but at least all the babies were okay.

So hopefully the next couple of days will go off without incident and fewer melt-down moments. We have the two hour anatomy scan on Tuesday, the last two days of preschool, swim lessons and a prenatal massage to check off our list this week. Oh and hopefully some more fattening up of babies too.

All four "littles". Baby D didn't get the memo that they were all suppose to be breech so he is the only one showing off his bottom!

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