May 10, 2012

A pretty boring week in quadville

I almost didn't do a post this week because I really don't have much to report on but then I decided if I didn't write I might have people thinking something was wrong. This week included registering, some outside fun and of course our weekly doctor visit. Oh and I think my tummy grows nightly. I am thinking about measuring it each night before bed for a week to see how much it grows during a week!

Paul and I had a date night and found ourselves at Babies R Us to register for these "littles". It was hilarious because as we were answering the questions for the lady to fill in on the computer she asked if we knew what we were having. Paul responded with "yes, four babies." The look of surprise and astonishment on the face of the two ladies behind the counter were some of the best yet. They quickly called over about six other employees and had to tell them. It took about an extra twenty minutes just to get the paperwork done because they kept asking questions and then when they found out we already have three kids which includes a set of twins it started all over again. We had fun registering for things and it was much easier than the first time we registered for the twins because we know what we will actually use this time around. After registering we went and enjoyed a very yummy dinner at P.F. Changs before heading home and crashing. It is amazing when ten o'clock seems late and that you must get home to let the babysitter go, not that I could have made it even 15 more minutes before I was asleep sitting upright!

It has been gorgeous this week so despite nasty allergies the kids and I have been spending a ton of time outside playing. I am doing my best to come up with activities that the kids can do while I sit in the shade in a lounge chair. This week we rode bikes, made chalk people, and ran through the sprinklers. The sprinklers were a huge hit and we will definitely be doing those again soon. The girls also started gymnastics two weeks ago and ask every day if it is Monday yet. They love it and are now coming up with little routines to do at home and somehow my couch has become the trampoline!

My favorite kid moment of this week was after naps on Wednesday Natalie and I had the following conversation;

Natalie: Mom, do you have a 'w' in your tummy?
Mom: What?
Natalie: Well you have all those other letters in            your tummy, do you have a 'w'?
Mom: (laughing) No we only have a Baby A, B, C, and D!!

I guess she took it literally when I was showing her where each baby was positioned in my tummy and calling them by their respectable letters! I love these moments in life were kids are kids

And now to the "littles"...only two more weeks and we will get to find out how big these kids are. I am excited to get the in-depth anatomy scans on the 22nd. This weeks appointment was a very quick one. We meet with the last of the doctors in the practice. We will just say so far she is our least favorite. The babies heart rates were all between 147-156 and all fluid level were good. We had the same ultrasound tech again this week as last so very poor pictures again. My cervix was unchanged since last week so yahoo!!! The doctor asked what my activity level was right now because she said I could continue what I have been doing. I told her I needed to be honest and that I am off work but I am still being a mom to three young kids with a two hour nap each afternoon. She said so far it is working and that I can keep doing the same but to have a plan in place for when it changes.

I continue to feel good. No more nausea and I am actually getting hungry at times. No weight check this week so I have no idea if I put on any weight. I did speak to the nutritionist and she said to do everything you have ever been told not to do. Full fat yogurt, full fat cheese, candy bars with nuts after every meal, load up the peanut butter, eat when I wake at night, cook in butter. So Paul hauled me off to Costco and we now have a pantry full of protein bars, chocolate covered almonds (my favorite), trail mix, and snickers bars (Paul's favorite). Paul was amazed how expensive junk food is! I can also tell you that I am doing okay with getting more food in since having ready to go snacks on hand but Paul is by far doing the best!!!

We are very excited for next week because the Herrington's will be arriving back from Ukraine with their daughter who is now forever theirs. A huge welcome home gathering will be had on Wednesday morning at the airport with many of their family and friends as they step off their airplane and are reunited with their other five children. So many of us have been blessed by knowing Beth and Lee as they made their journey to bring their Olivia Mae HOME!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a blessed Mother's Day. I hope to be back on Sunday with a Mother's Day post. 

Week 18

Baby C...Praying we don't have another thumb sucker in the making!


  1. Congratulations!! Prayers for a great week ahead.....

  2. You are so tiny, are you sure there are four in there? Lots of prayers headed your way!!!

  3. I've been praying for you and your littles every night, and love reading your updates. You look amazing and I think boring weeks are a good thing. :) I'll need to make you some of my amazing "Euphoria" cake, it has cream cheese - that counts as protein, right? xo Cinda


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